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MDB Password Breaker 3.0

Shareware Nov 11, 2011 download

Have you lost MDB Password of Access database? Try MDB Password Breaker software that can help you to memorize lost or forgotten MDB Password.

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  • Platform: Windows
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Yahoo Messenger Password 2.0.370

Demo Oct 06, 2012 download

Password recovery tool (although not a password cracker) that is used to recover lost or forgotten passwords for your Yahoo Messenger accounts.

Downloads total: 3925 last week: 1

Bubble Breaker 2

Freeware Oct 22, 2009 download

Bubble Breaker is an interesting puzzle game for free. Select by clicking and destroy by clicking do not need more to be a bubble breaker? Select bubbles with the same color and let them burst.

Downloads total: 855 last week: 0

Advanced Office Password Breaker 3.04

Shareware Dec 02, 2014 download

Break passwords and unlock documents instead of performing lengthy password recovery. Advanced Office Password Breaker unlocks password-protected Microsoft Word documents and Excel spreadsheets within a guaranteed timeframe instead of attacking and recovering the complex passwords.

Downloads total: 812 last week: 0

Yahoo Password Recovery 1.0

Demo Sep 25, 2007 download

Yahoo Password Recovery instantly recovers the stored or saved password to the Yahoo Messenger/Pager account on your local computer.

Downloads total: 10192 last week: 2

Ball Breaker 1.0

Freeware Dec 19, 2009 download

Ball Breaker is an interesting arcade games for free. Ball breaker, the green bonus will extend your platform, the yellow one makes it stinky and the blue will give you more point.

Downloads total: 553 last week: 0

Break MDB File Password 3.0

Shareware Nov 21, 2011 download

Use Break MDB File Password software to Break MDB Password, unlock MDB Password. The MDB File Password Breaker also helps you to Break or Recover MDB Password.

Downloads total: 285 last week: 0

Block Breaker 4.21

Freeware Sep 24, 2007 download

Block Breaker is an arcade game to break blocks.

Downloads total: 1769 last week: 0

Box Breaker 1.0

Shareware Sep 05, 2005 download

The Box Breaker presents itself one of the variants of well known and popular game - Arkanoid. But Box Breaker is 3D variant of the game.

Downloads total: 1454 last week: 0

Outlook Lost Password Recovery Tool

Shareware May 20, 2008 download

Forgotten password recovery can recover account information, emails addresses, mail server addresses (pop3, http), usernames for email accounts, passwords to email.

Downloads total: 347 last week: 0

Windows Password Breaker Standard

Shareware Oct 04, 2011 download

Forgot Windows administrator password and locked of your computer? Don't be worried! Just recover or reset Windows password with Windows Password Breaker and regain access to your computer on your own.

Downloads total: 163 last week: 0

Lead Breaker 1.2

Freeware Jul 20, 2011 download

Lead Breaker allows you to access any kind of website locked/premium content without doing surveys or task.

Downloads total: 287 last week: 0

Blaze Audio Wave Breaker 1.1

Shareware Apr 13, 2007 download

Split files into tracks with Wave Breaker audio splitter. Automatically split large files into tracks and make your MP3 or Wave files manageable.

Downloads total: 2997 last week: 0

Windows Password Breaker Professional

Shareware Oct 04, 2011 download

Forgot admin password and locked of your computer? Don't be worried! Just recover or reset Windows password with Windows Password Breaker and regain access to your computer on your own.

Downloads total: 184 last week: 0

Outlook Password Finder

Shareware Sep 12, 2008 download

Download outlook and outlook express password recovery software support all versions of MS office outlook (2003, 2007) and MS outlook express such as 7.

Downloads total: 225 last week: 1

Windows Password Breaker Enterprise

Shareware Oct 04, 2011 download

Forgot admin password and locked of your computer? Don't be worried! Just recover or reset Windows password with Windows Password Breaker and regain access to your computer on your own.

Downloads total: 155 last week: 0

Outlook Passwords Recovery Software

Shareware Sep 09, 2008 download

Microsoft outlook email account forgotten passwords restoration utility retrieve password from MS outlook express and Microsoft office outlook.

Downloads total: 186 last week: 1

Word 2007 Password 1.0.242

Commercial Nov 15, 2007 download

Password recovery utility to break Word 2007 passwords to open. Passwords to open are extremely hard to break in Word 2007.

Downloads total: 2771 last week: 0

Yahoo Archive Message Decoder

Shareware Nov 14, 2008 download

Yahoo Messenger Archive viewer is forensics software to decode and read the encrypted Yahoo Messenger Archive History Files while you are offline even without the passwords of those yahoo users.

Downloads total: 508 last week: 3

Captcha Breaker 2.86

Shareware Jan 27, 2015 download

Captcha Breaker is an automated software to solve captchas. This revolutionary software works together with any third party web promotion software to effortlessly analyse and solve captchas for you.

Downloads total: 67 last week: 1

Yahoo Messenger Chat Recovery

Shareware Sep 20, 2007 download

Yahoo messenger chat archive recovery software easily decodes all your private messages like instant messages, conferences and mobile SMS.

Downloads total: 6480 last week: 4


Freeware Aug 26, 2014 download

Create a portfolio with this spreadsheet for Excel 97 or better. Enter your past and present stock holdings.

Downloads total: 3111 last week: 0

Yahoo Email Password Recovery

Shareware Aug 09, 2007 download

Free internet explorer and windows application password unmask software is a comprehensive read only and non destructive utilities fetch retrieves for...

Downloads total: 18117 last week: 0

Remote Password Stealer 2.7

Demo Sep 25, 2007 download

Remote Password Stealer is a special tool to track all the password-input events in the windows system, including Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP, the main purpose is to: 1.

Downloads total: 23889 last week: 1

Yahoo Messenger Archive recovery

Shareware Oct 14, 2008 download

Easy to use yahoo messenger recovery program backup all yahoo chat archive messages without login to yahoo account.

Downloads total: 1354 last week: 1

Instant Password Finder 1.74

Shareware Sep 25, 2007 download

Instant Password Finder is the fastest way to check a system for possible passwords, and show you the passwords immediately.

Downloads total: 2061 last week: 0

IMMonitor Yahoo Messenger Spy 2.0

Shareware May 10, 2006 download

IMMonitor Yahoo Messenger Spy allow you to monitor, block or record Yahoo Messenger conversations remotely, If your kids (or spouse!) are spending too...

Downloads total: 22249 last week: 0

Mail PassView 1.86

Freeware Jun 29, 2016 download

Mail PassView is a small password-recovery tool that reveals the passwords and other account details for the following email clients: Outlook Express Microsoft Outlook 2000 (POP3 and SMTP Accounts only) Microsoft Outlook 2002/2003 (POP3, IMAP, HTTP and SMTP Accounts) IncrediMail Eudora Netscape 6.

Downloads total: 456 last week: 0

Yahoo! Messenger Turkce Yama 11.0

Freeware Apr 20, 2011 download

Yahoo! Messenger Turkce Yama 11.0 has been prepared to translate interface language of Yahoo! Messenger 11.

Downloads total: 974 last week: 1