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Spiderman City Raid 1.0

Freeware Oct 15, 2009 download

Spiderman City Raid which is a skill game for free. Marvel has featured Spider-Man in several comic book series, the first titled The Amazing Spider-Man.

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  • Platform: Windows
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Spider Wizard 2.1

Shareware Sep 09, 2012 download

Spider Wizard is an exciting solitaire card game based on the classic game Spider, a challenging 2 deck game that requires skill and a little bit of luck.

Downloads total: 1696 last week: 9

Pac-man 1.0

Adware Apr 21, 2005 download

Play the addicting game of Pac-man for free. Pac-man is a classic game that has maintained its popularity over the years.

Downloads total: 13134 last week: 2

Free Spider 2003 - Solitaire Collection 1.7

Freeware Jul 15, 2005 download

Free Spider 2005 - Solitaire Collection is a collection of five great spider type solitaire card games: Coleopter, Simple Simon, Spider, Spider One Suit and Spider Two Suits.

Downloads total: 6824 last week: 2

Pac-Man Extreme 1.0

Freeware Sep 24, 2007 download

Pac-man is funny if you think about it. The concept of a yellow smiley face that goes around eating pills while four ghosts (named Blinky, Pinky, Inkey, and clyde) are chasing you around.

Downloads total: 1517 last week: 1

Rainbow Spider 1.01

Freeware Feb 21, 2010 download

Rainbow Spider is an interesting adventure game for free. In this colorfull and funny free flash game you have to help this little spider to reach the other side of the level.

Downloads total: 261 last week: 2

Pac Man Advanced 2.5.1

Freeware Mar 02, 2014 download

When was the last time you meet the dear old friend Ghost Man? Help him once again to barrel through the traps and mazes, and conquer the enemies in Ghost Man Advanced! Your goal in this game is to control the Ghost Man so that he can travel through the mazes and consume all food along the way.

Downloads total: 1243 last week: 3

Spider Solitaire 2.0

Demo Sep 25, 2007 download

Spider Solitaire is the most fun solitaire game that is played with 104 cards in ten playing stacks. The object of the game is to remove all of the cards from the ten playing stacks.

Downloads total: 713 last week: 1

Ultimate Internet Job Search Spider 1.20

Demo Aug 05, 2002 download

Ultimate Internet Job Spiderâä¢ . The Internet job finding time saving machine SM. Let us show you where the jobs are! All the elements you need to find that new job and market yourself.

Downloads total: 2039 last week: 2

Man-Hours Calculator 1.0

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

This simple man-hours calculator is an easy manager tool that figures out if you have the man-power available to handle your employee coverage needs to get the job done.

Downloads total: 310 last week: 3

Haunt 1.37

Freeware Aug 07, 2014 download

3D horror adventure game. What would you do if you woke up in a place you have never seen before? Find the secret and avoid the Slender Man in this real Slender game! Start your nightmare now! Throughout the world, there is no one who is not afraid of the Sender Man.

Downloads total: 451 last week: 3

Sanatorium 1.65

Freeware Aug 21, 2014 download

3D horror game. You must collect 8 pages while avoiding the Slender Man. Staring at the Slenderman will drain your sanity - empty your sanity and you will be caught.

Downloads total: 111 last week: 1

Mansion 1.65

Freeware Aug 10, 2014 download

3D horror game. A man stalked for months by the Slender Man has fallen into a deep coma due to Slender sickness.

Downloads total: 252 last week: 5

Johnny Bullet - Publish-ME.com LLC 4.0

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

Born to an Iowa farming community as John Stevenovitz, the man that would become the N.F.L. super-star, Johnny Bullet, displayed remarkable intelligence at an early age.

Downloads total: 246 last week: 1

Url Spider Jeanie

Commercial Mar 07, 2005 download

Url Spider Jeanie Standard the professional tool Url Spider Jeanie extracted, spidered and indexed Url for your link pages, catalog system or search engine.

Downloads total: 1609 last week: 2

Slender Space 1.56

Freeware Aug 21, 2014 download

3D space horror adventure game. Collect 6 power nodes and escape from a spaceship while avoiding the Slenderman.

Downloads total: 650 last week: 3

Slenders Woods 1.68

Freeware Aug 21, 2014 download

3D horror adventure game. The game has two modes with different gameplay - Story mode, the main feature of the game, which plays like a quest with the Slenderman chasing you, and Page Collecting mode, where you have to collect a certain amount of pages in the woods to survive (or maybe not).

Downloads total: 407 last week: 2

Jezzball Ultimate 1.4

Shareware Aug 25, 2007 download

Jezzball Ultimate is an outstanding re-make of a popular Xonix game. The aim of the game is very simple: at every level you need to reveal a beautiful picture that is covered by a screen, which represents the game-field.

Downloads total: 385 last week: 4

Crate Man Jr 1.00

Freeware Sep 24, 2007 download

CRATE MAN is a pure logic strategy puzzle solving game. Help Curtis the Crate Man must reach the red crates in each puzzle room.

Downloads total: 362 last week: 3

Legie 1.0

Shareware Oct 19, 2009 download

If the devil gave the possibility to make decisions to a man, let him be the origin of all evil in man's deeds, let him take the blame, not the stupid man that does as his lowest urges and desires command him to.

Downloads total: 130 last week: 2

Prehistoric Craps 1.0

Shareware Sep 24, 2007 download

This young man you see in the left part of the game space is a prehistoric inventor and a monkey in the other part of it is his friend.

Downloads total: 342 last week: 2

Prison 1.65

Freeware Aug 19, 2014 download

3D horror game. Collect 8 photos and escape from a prison while avoiding the Slenderman. Staring at the Slender Man will drain your sanity - losing your sanity will have negative effects and will likely get you killed.

Downloads total: 631 last week: 2

Hospice 1.63

Freeware Aug 08, 2014 download

3D horror game. Collect 16 poem lines while avoiding the Slenderman. Staring at the Slender Man will drain your sanity - empty your sanity and you will be caught.

Downloads total: 189 last week: 2

Mesolithic Craps 1.0

Freeware Feb 17, 2006 download

This young man you see in the left part of the game space is a prehistoric inventor and a monkey in the other part of it is his friend.

Downloads total: 870 last week: 2

Space Man 1

Shareware Sep 25, 2007 download

Space Man is an arcade style game where you try to complete each level before your lives run out. It provides entertainment.

Downloads total: 301 last week: 2

My Spider 6.0

Shareware Nov 30, 2005 download

Create and play your own Spider Games with this highly customizable Spider Game Studio. You can customize entire Spider game rules by selecting Number...

Downloads total: 1921 last week: 1

Visual Web Spider 6.1

Shareware Oct 05, 2012 download

Visual Web Spider is a software for collecting relevant websites on the Internet. Visual Web Spider is a website crawler, fully automated, multithreaded web robot.

Downloads total: 434 last week: 2

Spider Collection 7.0

Shareware Apr 20, 2006 download

Spider Collection is World's Largest Spider Games Collection with 62 Spider Games including 11 standard games and 51 original games which you will not find anywhere else.

Downloads total: 4671 last week: 1

Rome Baccarat 1.0

Freeware Feb 25, 2006 download

The first things you see in the game space are: a cigarette, a golden wristwatch and a necktie. All these items belong to a powerful man who often visits this place.

Downloads total: 1152 last week: 1