Windows 8/8.1 Scheduled CHKDSK Initializes after Delay

Vivek Nayyar June 5, 2014 Comments Off

If you ever try to check the system drive of your computer for errors using the CHKDSK command, Windows 8/8.1 schedules the checking process at the next restart. This means that the system drive, which in most cases is C:\, would be checked for errors the next time the system starts.
By default the CHKDSK command initializes the drive check process instantaneously when the system reboots. If you are facing some delays in the initialization of the CHKDSK command, it means that the Windows registry has been modified either automatically or manually. In order to get the default settings back, you can reset or refresh a computer which might be a lengthy task and would consume a decent amount of time as well.
The simple and short solution to rectify the above problem is to change the registry settings manually. In order to modify the registry to remove the CHKDSK delay when scheduled, you must follow the steps given below:
Warning: Modifying the registry may make your computer permanently unstable if done improperly. Make sure you follow the steps exactly the way they are given in this section. ONLY YOU will be responsible if any harm is done to your computer by wrongly following the instructions.
1. Log on to Windows 8/8.1 by using regular account.
2. Click Desktop from the available tiles on the Start screen
3. To open the Run command window, press Windows+ R keys simultaneously on the keyboard.
4. In the Run window, type the REGEDIT command in the available area field.
5. From the Registry Editor window, go to the below path:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager
6. Once reached, right-click AutoChkTimeout from the right pane.
7. Click Modify from the context menu that comes up.
8. In the opened box, change the Value Data value to 1.
9. Click OK, and close the Registry Editor interface.
10. Restart the computer to make the settings permanent.

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