Windows 8 UX Pack: A Complete Windows 8 Experience Without Installing It

Ishayat March 26, 2012 0

Windows 8 UX Pack is a free Windows 8 transformation pack for the Windows 7 users who are very interested to use the UI of the latest Windows version, but want to avoid installing a new OS especially which is a beta or experimental one. There are also some users who have gotten used to the UI of Windows 8 but had to get back just because of one or two serious bug. For them, this Windows 8 theme is a blessing.

Windows 8 UX Pack changes a lot of UI parts of Windows 7 to give the users a proper Windows 8 experience without actually changing their OS. This Windows 8 UI for Windows 7 includes Themes, Wallpaper, Login screen and much more. It also features the so much hyped user tiles, which is rare in such types of transformation pack. You can install or configure your Windows 8 theme by just one click. Using Windows 8 UX Pack, you get not only the theme of Windows 8, but also the stability and performance of Windows 7. On the other hand, you also can use the features that you missed in Windows 8. The start menu is one of them.

Installing and using Windows 8 has been simplified for all types of users. You will be able to install or configure this theme with only one click. You can run either Windows 8 Aero Glass or the Lite theme.


  • Easy to install
  • Best of the both worlds
  • Lots of customization features

Windows 8 UX Pack can be downloaded from the website of Winxsoft and it is only 17.14MB in size. It supports Windows 7 only. Try Windows 8 UX Pack Free

Ease of use
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Summary 4.0/5
Download Windows 8 UX Pack: A Complete Windows 8 Experience Without Installing It


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