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Codrut Nistor January 10, 2011 0

Here’s a good way to start your week: do a quick cleaning of your computer! No, I am not talking about the kind of cleaning that involves taking out the dust – removing unused programs should be pretty good, especially when you have the right tool to do it, don’t you think? Now, we only need to see if Uninstall Expert, today’s uninstaller, is one of those tools that come in handy in such a situation or not, so let’s get to it!


As I write this, the last version of Uninstall Expert is and, according to the official page of this product, its system requirements are really low – as long as your computer runs Windows 98/2000/XP/2003/Vista without any problems, it should also run this piece of code like a charm. Since Vista is mentioned to be compatible with Uninstall Expert 3, I guess it will also work with Windows 7. Unfortunately, I only installed it on my Windows XP SP3 desktop PC, so I can’t guarantee that…

The full version of the program is priced at $17.99 and this seems to be a special offer for the time being. The trial I got comes with no functional limitations – you can use it for 7 days or run it 12 times before having to purchase it.

Uninstall Expert’s setup package has about 2.9 MB in size and the whole setup process is really straightforward – you need about 5.5 MB of free disk space and that’s all – no toolbars, no spyware, no options to give you headaches. These being said, the time has come to take a look at the interface and features, as usual…


… and I have to start by telling you that the interface of this program is somehow hanging between good and bad – at first sight, things seem pretty cool. Unfortunately, the menu looks a bit strange to me – not to mention lack of multilanguage support and the fact that I think the overall look of the GUI is a bit rusty. Well, at least using Uninstall Expert 3.0 should be pretty easy, but…


… the real problem of this program is its lack of features and the bad “features per buck” ratio. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t exactly one of those so-called uninstallers that just help you do things a bit faster, but it’s not much better than that, either.

For example, it seems all you can do with Uninstall Expert is browse through the list of installed programs and startup items choose what to remove/disable and nothing more. Fortunately, I noticed that you can also choose to look for and remove remaining registry entries or folders after uninstalling a program. While this sounds pretty good…

…. I must also admit there’s no way to monitor changes done during installations and the Tools menu doesn’t actually offer anything. Why that? After all, we have Windows Updates, Windows Services, Windows Components, even a Registry Editor there! Sure, these options are there, but they are simply shortcuts to the corresponding tools coming with Windows, nothing more!

Considering all the above, I guess this is it – I am sure that talking about changing how the lists are displayed or the decent documentation won’t make Uninstall Expert a better choice, so let’s go to the last part of this review, shall we?

Tips & Tricks

Again, it seems we have a program without any special tricks, so all I can say here is this: feel free to take Uninstall Expert 3 for a quick spin, since it’s great to know it only has a nag screen and no functional limitations, but please don’t waste your money on it!


Uninstall Expert 3 looks and feels pretty good and its free trial version has no functional limitations, so you can taste the real thing without spending a single cent.


Unfortunately, I see no reason in spending money on a program that’s easily left behind even by some of its freeware competitors, especially since we’re also talking about a program that’s far from being perfect.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a way to quickly uninstall some programs and also clean their traces, you should definitely take Uninstall Expert 3.0 for a spin, just remember that its price greatly exceeds its value, so save your money for a better tool. That’s all, folks! ;)

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Summary 2.8/5
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