TiltShift Generator: Free Image Editor

Ishayat February 17, 2012 0

TiltShift Generator is a free image editor that helps you to edit images and add attractive special effects to them. If you love editing images and always look for new apps and features for editing images, you are going to love TiltShift Generator. Let’s see what this free image editor has to offer us.

There are many people out there who avoid image editing as they believe it’s very difficult. If you are also among these people and believe the same, TiltShift Generator is just the software you are looking for. But before you try to use this software from the desktop, you have to install Adobe AIR. Once you have installed both Adobe AIR and TiltShift Generator, you can start editing images without any previous technical skills or knowledge.

This free image editing software is easy to use and comes with an attractive, user-friendly interface. There are four different effects included in this freeware that you can apply in your images, JPEG Quality, Color, Vignetting and Blur. You will find two different options under Blur, Linear and Radial mode. You will find saturation, brightness and contrast adjustment options under Color, vignetting strength adjustment option under Vignetting and quality of image under JPEG quality. If you want to play with your images and want to add funny toy camera like effects to your images, TiltShift Generator is the best option for you.

Features of TiltShift Generator:

  • Edit your images easily
  • Add attractive toy camera like effects
  • Attractive, user-friendly interface
  • Available for iPhone and iPad

TiltShift Generator can be downloaded from ArtandMobile’s website. It’s only 821MB in size and supports Windows. TiltShift Generator Free

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Summary 4.0/5
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