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Ishayat March 16, 2012 0

SynWrite Text-Editor is a free text editing tool that helps you to edit programs source codes easily with attractive features. If you want a simple, free text editor that offers all the features that you expect to see in a paid tool, SynWrite Text-Editor is exactly what you are looking for.

There are plenty of other free text editors for editing programs source codes but most of them don’t offer attractive features like Zen coding support and sync-edit feature like this one does. You can edit programs source codes easily using this free programs source code editor with attractive features like code folding, syntax highlighting and code templates. Other attractive features of this free programming tool are the nicely organized code in syntax tree, color-based view of changes option and different text selection mode.

This free source code editor supports Unicode complete so you won’t face problems when trying to open file encodings. As there is a rich library called “lexers” to help you highlighting, you will be able to manage syntax highlighting easily. All the lexers can be customized in the built-in lexer editor. There are also Code templates and auto completion feature that will be loved by the programmers. If you are a Total Commander user, you will be happy to know that this free text editor also works as plugin for this famous file manager.

Features of SynWrite Text Editor:

  • Edit programs source codes with a rich feature set like premium tools
  • Special features like Zen Coding support and Sync-Edit
  • Works as plugin for “Total Commander”
  • Portable, small in size and takes very low memory to run

SynWriter Text-Editor can be downloaded from TotalCMD’s website. It’s only 3MB in size and supports Windows 2000 or higher. Try SynWriter Free

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