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Ishayat February 8, 2012 0

Split Screen is a free Chrome extension that allows you to open two different pages in one tab. If you wish to see two different URLs in one single tab, Split Screen is ready to do just that. Let’s see if this freeware is worth trying for Google Chrome users.

Sometimes, our work involves switching to two pages back and forth or to a web page and a text document. It can be for comparing documents or when you are trying to write an article or review using information from different websites. And everytime we get in this situation, we wish to find a way where we can look at both pages at the same time. If you also wish for the same, Split Screen is a great solution for you. If you are a Google Chrome user, you are going to love this new free Chrome plugin.

This free Chrome addon is very easy to use and is very useful. Once you install this freeware, you will find it on top of your Chrome’s window with address bar as an icon. You will see two address bars in their where you can write two different URLs and see them on the same tab. You can also select one pane as a text editor or select a specific web page for one pane.

Features of Split Screen:

  • Open two different URLs on the same page
  • Turn one pane into text editor
  • Simple, easy-to-use

Split Screen can be downloaded from Chrome Web Store. It’s only 156KB in size and is available in different languages. Try Split Screen Free

Ease of use
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Summary 5.0/5
Download Split Screen: Free Chrome Extension


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