Speed Up Acrobat Reader’s Loading Speed With PDF SpeedUp

Ishayat February 3, 2012 0

PDF SpeedUp is a free PDF software that can make PDF loading time faster in Adobe Acrobat Reader. This freeware can disable all the unnecessary plug-ins that are not necessary for loading PDF files and can decrease the extra loading time Adobe Acrobat Reader takes for loading PDF files. Let’s see if this PDF software is worth trying for PDF readers.

Adobe’s Acrobat Reader is ruling as the best PDF tool for a long time. But the loading time it takes to run is one of the reasons that make people look for other PDF tools. But if you want to turn your Adobe Acrobat Reader into a lightweight PDF reader that can load PDF files fast. All the unnecessary plug-ins can be disabled using this free PDF tweak utility to male Acrobat Reader work faster. But if there is any plug-in that you want to enable, you can do that manually.

There is not much to talk about the user interface actually. There are only two buttons on the main window. One for optimizing and one for restoring the previous settings. Once you click optimize, PDF SpeedUp will disable update, plug-ins and other unnecessary features. And the results we saw after optimizing was really impressive. If you are using a slow machine, you are going to love this free PDF tweak software.

Features of PDF SpeedUp:

  • Enable/disable unnecessary plug-ins
  • Speed up Adobe Reader’s loading time
  • Turn off ads, update features and other unnecessary things
  • Simple, easy-to-use

PDF SpeedUp is available for download at AcroPDF’s website. It’s only 589KB in size and supports Windows 2000 or higher. Try PDF SpeedUp Free

Ease of use
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Summary 5.0/5
Download Speed Up Acrobat Reader’s Loading Speed With PDF SpeedUp


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