Spartan Lite Multi Clipboard: Free Clipboard Manager

Ishayat March 3, 2012 0

Spartan Lite Multi Clipboard is a free clipboard organizer that helps you to turn your clipboard information into a complete information centre. It is not possible to store a lot of information in the clipboard but Spartan Lite Multi Clipboard helps you to store 500 permanent clipboard clips.

If your work involves writing the same letter or information every now and then, it’s a good idea to save them in a clipboard. If you don’t have a good clipboard organizer, you should try Spartan Lite Multi Clipboard. You can create an information centre using all the clipboard entries and save about 500 permanent clips using this free clipboard manager. The free version supports saving 500 clipboard entries while the premium version supports 10,000 clips.

This free clipboard management utility comes with a quick start guide to make things easier for beginners. You will also find a detailed help file if you don’t find the quick start guide useful. You will find the temporary clips in the first 25 cells and other permanent clip areas are covered in Full Version Only text. You can easily reconfigure the interface and organize it in the way you want.  Most of the things inside this free clipboard management utility are explained frequently so it is easy to understand all the functions.

Features of Spartan Lite Multi Clipboard:

  • Store 500 clipboard clips easily
  • Save 2 macro clips
  • Organize, view and edit your clipboard easily

Spartan Lite Multi Clipboard is available for download at M8 Software’s official website. It’s only 4.5MB in size and supports Windows 98 or higher. Try Spartan Lite Multi Clipboard Free

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