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Codrut Nistor January 13, 2011 1

Feelin’ safe? Well, you shouldn’t, because a lot of programs aren’t exactly what they seem to be these days… but that doesn’t mean you have to get paranoid! After all, there’s always something or someone to stand by your side when it comes to software, and today the time has come for RadarSync’s Software Advisor…


With the latest updates displayed on its site being released in mid-December, Software Advisor isn’t exactly a software you can easily trust – the online Help doesn’t work, displaying a 404 error page, there’s no offline documentation and, to be honest, I can’t tell you what version I have here. Theoretically, it should be, so let’s say that we have Software Advisor 3.7 here, all right?

Basically, we’re talking about a free program with a bunch of features that require paid registration (no idea about the price and you’ll see that it doesn’t really matter, after all), such as automatic downloads, system restore reminders, scheduling, VIP support and a few other goodies. On the other hand, you can freely scan for updates, backup your software or create and download additional software packs, but let’s keep these for later! ;)

Now, I should add that Software Advisor 3.7 comes inside a 4.2 MB setup package and installing it is a really straightforward task, as long as you pay attention to avoid ending up with a useless toolbar on your hands. Oh, yeah, there’s another thing I should point out – the License Agreement is a mess! At last, I should also add that compatibility with Microsoft’s Windows operating systems is also a bit shady, since I wasn’t able to find any info about this, so I can only tell you that Software Advisor seems to work fine on my Windows XP SP3 Professional desktop computer…


Software Advisor looks good, there’s no doubt about it. On the other hand, it’s a pity to see there’s no offline documentation or online support available for it, despite the fact it offers really good multilanguage support. Well, at least there should be some, so let’s suppose that the 404 page I got when trying to check the documentation is only a temporary problem…

Other than the above, I must say that interacting with this piece of code is clearly not something to give you headaches, although some parts of the interface can be improved. Well, since now we know that Software Advisor’s interface is not bad at all, let’s see how can this program help you stay safe and up to date!


As soon as you launch Software Advisor for the first time, a scan is automatically launched, so the first page you’ll see contains the results of this scan (sure, you’ll also see a browser window containing some information about the program, but that’s not a window belonging to the program itself, obviously). This results page shows information about the programs you have installed already, stuff that Software Advisor considers to be missing, as well as recommended software packs. For each entry in the list, you have a status, details, a security rating and a link that allows you to update it.

So far, so good, but there are a few minor issues with this results list I mentioned above: a lot of the ratings are messed up (I have Opera 11, and what I see is Beta, Low Threat and a link to what’s supposed to be the update page, although I already got the last version) and some of the packs contain a lot of programs I never heard of instead of notorious ones that get the job done (for examples, Media Players contains BSPlayer, Ace DivX Player, BearShare, LightAlloy and Fusion Media Player, when VLC or KMPlayer alone would have been more than enough).

While it would surely be nice to see Software Advisor offering a chance to update your drivers, such a capability is not present. After all, it has a brother that can take care of this task – at least if things work as they should, of course…

… and if you really want to see a feature really worth checking out, feel free to tale a look the Options area: “autoscan” sounds really interesting, don’t you think? If only the information provided by a scan would be reliable… but since it’s not, I don’t think we should stick around any longer – let’s move to the final part of this review, shall we?

Tips & Tricks

1. The software packs offered by Software Advisor are a good way to discover new programs, but don’t take them seriously!

2. At the same time, you should also not worry if your favorite audio player or browser seems outdated or is considered a “Critical Threat” as long as the last updates of the product’s database are more than a month old.

3. Automatic updates of your programs using Software Advisor? I strongly advise you to avoid such a feature….


Software Advisor 3.7 looks very good, using it is pretty easy, offers good multilanguage support and a bunch of useful features.


Unfortunately, having a bunch of features that seem useful is not the same with having a bunch of features that actually work. Software Advisor has no documentation, the results of its scans or recommendations are not to be trusted and, if we consider all these, I wouldn’t trust this program and give away my email address for being able to backup/restore my software!

Final Thoughts

Software Advisor 3.7 is not a complete disaster. Hey, it can even be a bit useful, but it’s surely not a program to trust. I have nothing against it because I woke up in a bad mood today – in fact, I am in a really good mood, so that’s why I can go so far as suggesting that this piece of code may be worthy of a little try. Who knows, maybe you uncover some secret uber-feature that I missed, although I don’t think that will happen… ;)

Ease of use
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Summary 2.4/5
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    it is a very great and usefull software

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