Softorino Memory Optimizer: Free System Memory Optimizer

Ishayat January 31, 2012 0

Softorino Memory Optimizer is a free system memory manager that helps you to free up your PC’s system memory. You can also optimize system memory using this freeware. If you are facing problem when running big resource killing programs like Photoshop, Memory Optimizer is the best option for you.

Sometimes, when we want to run big apps like Photoshop, After Effects but see that it’s not loading properly even after your PC has enough memory to run that. It can be really annoying and there is almost nothing to do about it manually. But now we don’t have to worry about these things as we have Softorino Memory Optmizer to help us. You just have to click “Optmize” and your PC will be ready to handle the programs you are trying to run. But if your PC is not capable of running those apps, Softorino Memory Optimizer won’t be able to help you.

This free system memory optimizer comes with a very simple yet attractive user interface and is very user-friendly. You will see how much memory your computer has once you open this free memory optimizer. You can also find out how much of your computer’s memory is used, free and cached. If you want to free up your PC’s system memory, just click on Recover Free Memory.

Features of Softorino Memory Optimizer:

  • Free up your PC’s system memory
  • Optimize memory to improve your PC’s performance
  • Simple yet attractive user interface

Softorino Memory Optimizer is available for download at Softorino’s website. It’s only 1.64MB in size and supports Windows XP, Vista and 7. Try Softorino Memory Optimizer Free

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