Sleipnir: A Better Full Screen Browsing Experience

Ishayat March 31, 2012 0

Sleipnir is a free web browser for Windows with some unique features that set it apart from all the browsers available out there. The most important and noticeable feature of this browser is of course the full screen browsing experience it provides. As the world is advancing more towards touch based interfaces, Sleipnir is the right step towards that.

This full screen web browser provides you the ultimate browsing experience with a better interface with addition of some touch screen like gestures. It will give you the feeling of using a smartphone in your desktop. The thumbnail tabs are situated at the bottom of the screen giving you more space and less distraction. There are all the other features of modern browsers like bookmark syncing, various tab functions etc. You can also switch between the two famous Trident engine and Gecko engine. When you will use Gecko engine, you will be able to use different Firefox addons from the huge collection of Mozilla. For compatibility, you can also use the Trident engine used by Internet Explorer. You can create tab groups and also arrange those tabs in groups. There are also iOS, Android and Windows Phone versions of this multiplatform web browser and the sync functionality between them gives it another advantage over many other browsers.

If you want to experience the best of Sleipnir, you will have to use the browser in full screen mode. Otherwise, it is just another web browser based on the Gecko engine. If you can master the gestures using the right mouse button, you will get addicted to it and never switch to any other browser.

Features of Sleipnir

  • Amazing full screen experience
  • Touch like gestures
  • Bookmark syncing between devices

Sleipnir can be downloaded from the website of Fenrir Inc. it is only 17.1MB in size and supports Windows XP and above. Try Sleipnir Free

Ease of use
Resources used
Summary 4.4/5
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