Shutdown Your PC Easily With DShutdown

Ishayat February 20, 2012 0

DShutdown is a free shutdown software that helps you to shutdown or wake up your PC easily. If you want to shut down your PC in a different way other than just normal shutdown options you see in start bar, DShutdown is the best option for you.

There are only three shutdown options in start bar. So, if you wish to get more options for shutting down your PC, you should try DShutdown. You will be able to try new shut down options like lock the workstation, force if hung, force after wait, server less mode, disable LAN adapter, hang up modem, wake on LAN, Sound advise and other different options. You can also think of this freeware as a free shutdown scheduler as you can set timer for shutting down your PC. Just set your specific time, enable the timer and your PC will shut down automatically.

This free automatic shutdown software is very easy to use and comes with a simple user-interface. All the shutdown types are nicely presented in a list view. You can just choose your preferred shut down from the list and then save settings to let this free shutdown scheduler shutdown your PC automatically. Remember, you have to save settings properly to let this freeware shutdown automatically.

Features of DShutdown:

  • Shuts down your PC automatically without disturbing other apps or files
  • Wake up your PC automatically
  • Set password for remote and local host
  • Schedule shut down

DShutdown can be downloaded from DShutdown’s website. It’s less than 1MB in size and supports Windows XP or higher. Try DShutdown Free

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