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Ishayat December 24, 2011 0

Seeker is a free system utility that helps you to find things fast and replace them easily. If you want to replace your built-in Windows search feature with an effective system utility, Seeker is the best option for you. Let’s see what this freeware has to offer.

Seeker comes with an attractive, MS Office like interface with some sections that can be expanded. You can search anything you want from wild things to specific file formats or types. You can also type a specific word or phrase that is inside the file you are looking for to make the search specific. You can also ask this free Windows search replacement software to look for files in subfolders and ignore regular expressions or case when looking for files. This freeware is really good for narrowing down your searches as you can expand the sections when searching.

I tried some search terms to try this free system utility and I was really satisfied with the results. Moreover, you can try the replace criteria in search-and-replace options. You can try various search criteria easily and look for a specific file without any problem. Other attractive feature of this freeware is command line parameter support, search and replace solution.

Features of Seeker:

  • Replace your built-in Windows search with powerful search engine
  • Comes with powerful file search algorithm
  • Search files with text and replace text inside files easily
  • Supports regular expression and command line parameter

Seeker is available for download at Veign’s official website. It’s only 2.26MB in size and supports Windows 98 or higher. Try Seeker Free

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Summary 4.6/5
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