Search Local NTFS Drives Easily With UltraSearch

Ishayat March 6, 2012 0

UltraSearch is a free file searching utility that helps you to look for files without indexing. If your hard disk is in NTFS format and you want to search fast without indexing your files, UltraSearch is the best option for you. Let’s see what this freeware has to offer.

There is a search utility available in Windows and it’s getting better over the years. But if you are not satisfied with it’s service, you might want to change the search utility with a better one, that’s where UltraSearch comes in. There might be a plenty of standalone software out there for doing the same job but this free search utility for Windows is specially designed for working with NTFS drives. Indexing can take a lot of disk space and time but you don’t have to do any indexing when searching for files with UltraSearch.

This free file searching utility is very easy to use and comes with a simple, user-friendly interface. And don’t think that it will give you search result slowly just because it’s not indexing as it can provide search results almost instantly. There is an exclude filter option that helps you to exclude different file types from the search results. For example, if you don’t want to see DLL files in your result, you have to add a filter for DLL files. If you are a SSD drive user who want to avoid indexing files, UltraSearch is the best option for you.

Features of UltraSearch:

  • Search your local NTFS drives easily
  • Get search results almost instantly
  • Exclude Filter option for excluding different file types from search result

UltraSearch can be downloaded from JAM Software’s website. It’s only 2.81MB in size and supports Windows XP. Try UltraSearch Free

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Download Search Local NTFS Drives Easily With UltraSearch


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