Run Programs With The Specified Time/Date With RunAsDate

Ishayat December 28, 2011 0

RunAsDate is a free system utility that helps you to launch programs using a specific date and time than Windows system. You can do this without even changing your system time which is the best feature of this freeware. Let’s see what this freeware has to offer.

There are many situations when you want to launch a software with specific date and time for doing several things like debugging log files. Earlier, there was no option to do it but now you have RunAsDate to help you. But don’t think you are going to use the trial apps using this freeware as these apps keep track of the trial periods in different ways. Moreover, you can change date and time settings of multiple programs running at the same time which is another great feature of this free system utility.

This freeware is available in 32-bit and 64-bit version. If you want to carry this free system utility with you, you can download the portable version and store it on your USB drive. This freeware is extremely easy to use and the novice PC users can also try to use this freeware. Once you are done choosing the software you want to launch, you have to set your preferred date and time with the controls included in this freeware. Once you are ready, click Run. It’s really that simple.

Features of RunAsDate:

  • Run a software on specified time and date
  • Run multiple program at the same time on specified time and date
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface

RunAsDate is available for download at NirSoft’s official website. It’s only 23.08KB in size and supports Windows 2000 or higher. Try RunAsDate Free

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Summary 4.2/5
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