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Codrut Nistor January 18, 2011 2

In most cases, when someone says I’m lazy, I agree with that. After all, even if that may not be true, I can only get better from that point, right? Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the perfect writing tool so I can afford being really lazy – no matter what people say, I always end up writing stuff and researching by myself.

Don’t take me wrong, I really enjoy writing and researching for information all over the Web but, at least sometimes, a program like Quick Article Pro may be the perfect tool for the lazy writer in me… as long as it can get the job done faster and at least as well as I can do it without any help, of course. Well, it seems this is what remains to be seen – is it better to use your favorite browser and some basic text editor, or a so-called “article generator” like the one we have here today?


Quick Article Pro 3.0 was released last summer, so what we have here is not exactly a fresh release, but now this piece of code is available for a special price – until the 19th of January, you can purchase it for $49.99, which sounds like a pretty good deal when compared to the regular price – no less than $99.98! Obviously, today I’m playing with the demo version of this program, a demo that comes with some functional limitations – in fact, you don’t get to do anything with it, but we’ll get to that a bit later.

According to its official page, this program works with Windows 2000/XP/Vista, and only needs 25 MB of free hard disk space. When it comes to hardware requirements, it’s enough to say that if your computer runs your Windows version well, it won’t have any problems with Quick Article Pro. No need to say that you’ll also need to be connected to the Internet while using it, I think…

… but I still have to say a few things about the setup process, that’s sure, so here you go: the installer you have to download has about 6 MB in size, looks like the average Windows 95 installer (no offense intended, but that’s exactly what it made me think of when I launched it and saw the first screen!) and there’s nothing really wrong about it – as easy to go through as 1-2-3, no toolbars and no spyware to be afraid of. Hooray! Now, let’s move to the more interesting parts!


Quick Article Pro 3.0 is available in 10 languages, has no offline documentation, but at least it looks nice and using it is pretty easy. On the other hand, some of the menus available here are useless – pressing Help only takes you to the official page of the product, while having a menu to select one of three available choices is pointless. Well… don’t worry – it gets even worse when we get to the next part!


I have nothing against marketing, but real marketing. Real marketing means that you have to tell me a story to make me buy your product, not give me a damn piece of paper with that story printed on it, not give me a link to the story – you really have to tell me a story you believe in and make me believe in it, too. That’s real marketing. Online marketing as advertised by most people today is nothing more but bullshit and spam. For those into this “industry,” I guess that Quick Article Pro is a great tool. Now, just let me tell you why…

Sometimes, I think there’s something wrong with me, and today is one of those days. Am I the only one who thinks this program is a piece of junk? I look at the official page, see the infamous word – “affiliates” – and everything becomes as clear as possible. No, there’s nothing wrong with me!

Quick Article Pro is supposed to help you write articles faster. Idiotic articles. Monkey-style English for idiots. People using Google are not idiots, but Google should really do something about blogs written using “tools” like this. Let’s just talk about the normal approach to writing an article and the idiotic approach enabled by this program, shall we?

When I have to write about something that I am not familiar with, I use Google to find some relevant information about it. I go through a few pages until I get at least an idea of the whole thing and I could be able to talk with someone about it without making a fool of myself. Next, I write about it just as I would be telling a story to one of my buddies or, sometimes, I even imagine I have to talk to a larger audience about that subject. I never rewrite stuff. If I can’t talk about it, then I can’t write about it – that’s the entire idea.

What do you do when using Quick Article Pro? You enter a keyword, waste a lot of time to go through the topics and sentences on topic until you find something worthy, then come up with a text that’s not going to pass any plagiarism test. Hey, most of the stuff you’ll get with this program doesn’t even make sense, just look at it…

… the “featureless” software that can help you waste more time trying to come up with an article!

Tips & Tricks

DO. NOT. EVEN. TRY. (if you want to have fun writing nonsense, be my guest, Quick Article Pro can surely help!)


Quick Article Pro 3.0 can be fun to try.


This program is a complete failure. I am really tempted to use a serious amount of strong language to match its useless…fulness and (lack of) features, so I won’t say anything else.

Final Thoughts

Not even if they would pay me $50 or $100 instead of asking that amount, I wouldn’t waste my time with this abysmal crap. If you want to be a good writer, no matter if you’re going to write about making money online, software or cooking, there are only two things you can call in to help: your English/writing skills and your passion for the topic.

That’s all for today, folks – just be sure to keep in mind the fact that this is probably one of the few honest reviews of this junk, because we don’t care about commissions here, we only care about helping you make the right choice when you decide to spend your money on some piece of code.

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Summary 2.2/5
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  1. Matt February 3, 2011 at 9:06 pm - Reply

    Ahhhh, a refreshingly honest view. Pretty rare to find reviews of software that don’t include an affiliate link.

    • Ryan March 9, 2011 at 10:29 pm - Reply

      Its $50.00 dollars!

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