Protect Your Personal Notes With Secret Notes

Ishayat January 30, 2012 0

Secret Notes is a free note taking utility that helps you to protect your personal notes with password just like its name suggests. If you believe it’s not safe to store your personal notes without any password protection, it’s time that you think about using Secret Notes.

It is easy to be in a position where you believe storing personal notes without any protection is not safe as other people might try to access those notes. This situation can be really disturbing but there is an easy way to avoid this problem. It’s Secret Notes I am talking about. You can easily write down the things you want on a note and protect them with passwords. Only people with the password will be able to get access to those personal notes.

The installer of this free note taking utility is very small in size and also eats very little resource when running. The user interface of this freeware is not so attractive but it’s really easy to understand. When you are installing this free note taking software, you will be asked for choosing a password. After that, you have to write your password each time you open Secret Notes. It’s really a good way to make sure no one else gets access to your notes.

Features of Secret Notes:

  • Protect your personal notes with password
  • Lightweight, uses very small resource when running
  • Simple, easy-to-use

Secret Notes is available for download at Softorino’s official website. It’s only 2.13MB in size and supports Windows XP, Vista and 7. Try Secret Notes Free

Ease of use
Resources used
Summary 4.2/5
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