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Codrut Nistor January 20, 2011 1

Data loss sometimes feels like losing someone close to you. No, I am not crazy. It’s just the fact that, in most cases, death is the final act on this plane of existence for a human, but when data loss occurs, it’s only the first act of a long torment for the one left behind… Just for the record: I often remember the close ones I lost, but this doesn’t make me sad, I’m just proud of having met them and… other feelings I can’t really describe. When it comes to data, I get angry every time I remember all the work lost in vain because a backup device failed and my main HDD died…

… so today the time has come for another data recovery tool, namely Professional Recover-Center. This one surely doesn’t bring back the dead, but at least it may help you bring back some of your lost data – or even all of it, if you act in a timely manner and you’re also a bit lucky. Now, the only question remaining is: does it worth the price, or not? Well, that’s what we should uncover in this review, so let’s get to it, shall we?


As I write this, Professional Recover-Center 1.4 build 1927 is the latest release of this program, dating back in mid-October, 2010. With prices depending on the recovery quota offered, this program can cost between $29.95 (1 GB) and $49.95 (unlimited) so, if you don’t want to pay more to recover 1050 MB than 2 TB, the best choice would be to get the unlimited license. On the other hand, you may want to read this review first…

… because you should know, before anything else, that the 30-day trial version is, actually, useless. Theoretically, this one comes with a functional limitation only allowing you to recover 1 MB of data. In my case, I wasn’t able to recover a single bit of information OR to find anything related to the limitations of the trial version in the documentation or on the Recover-Center website.

According to the official site, Professional Recover-Center 1.4 supports all Windows file systems and, I guess, this is also true for the Windows operating systems currently available to the public. The setup package has about 1.5 MB in size and the whole installation process shouldn’t give you any headache, at least as you don’t read the License Agreement (no need for all caps paragraphs, people, most users aren’t reading that anyway!!!). Other than that, there’s nothing to worry about at this stage, so let’s move on and check the looks and the works of this piece of code, as usual…


Professional Recover-Center looks decent, despite various issues noticed while using it. For example, there’s no language to choose in the Intrface Languages tab (their typo, not mine!), the main window contains a message saying that you should press Next after you select the drive to recover from, but there’s no Next button around… and it doesn’t end here! Anyway, I think it’s enough to say that this program’s interface could have been worse – after all, the icons look good, the layout of the main window won’t give you headaches, so I only hope you won’t need help – there’s no such a thing actually working to be had here.

These being said, let’s move to what’s supposed to be the most important part of every program – its features!


Professional Recover-Center 1.4 is not a wizard-driven program, so you’ll have to take of some things without any guidance, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a computer guru to be able to use it. Once you open the program, all you have to do is select the drive or partition to work with (portable drives are also supported) and press the Analyze button to start the scan. The whole process can take quite a while, but we’ll get to that part a bit later…

… since now, I have to quickly quote some of that official mumbo-jumbo: “Supports all Windows file systems: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS 5 used by Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista” and even offers UNICODE support! Yeah, great, but is it so hard to offer support for Mac OS X and Linux file systems? Well, I guess it is…

… but not as hard as coming up with a program that works as it should!!! I think it’s enough to say that, while performing a scan, this program can use the entire power of your CPU (both cores, it seems!) and up to over 200 MB of memory – at least that’s what happened to me. Because I always think a program can go wrong once or twice in a while, I decided to scan different devices, over and over again. Each time, Professional Recover-Center used more system resources than any other similar program I’ve ever used!

From what they say, this program can recover files from RAW hard drives or after a partitioning error, but I can’t tell you much about it. To be honest, I don’t care. Even if I had the full version that’s capable of actually doing something, the typos and the ridiculous system load surely won’t go away, so I’ll end this part here. It’s sad to know that this program comes from the same company who delivered Photo Recover-Center, a piece of code that proved to be pretty well done, with a trial version that was able to do more than it should have… :|

Tips & Tricks

1. When recovering files from external devices, safest thing to do is to save them on your local drive. Same thing goes for files on various partitions/disks – it’s always safer to save recovered files to a different device!

2. If you decide to try this program, be ready to have a sluggish computer for quite a while…

3. In case you manage to access the offline documentation/help system, let me know. Probably you’re living in a parallel world from time to time. In this one – at least on my computer, there’s no help to be had when using this program!


Professional Recover-Center is pretty easy to use and – at least in theory – seems to have a decent amount of features for the average computer user looking to remove some lost files…


… but the truth is really ugly: what we have here is a completely useless trial version of a program that’s too expensive, has no functional Help system, uses a lot of system resources and I wouldn’t recommend to anyone.

Final Thoughts

I think that Recover-Center should drop all its current products and come up with a good file recovery tool, because I am sure they can. For now, I think they’re just hunting suckers by selling a lot of products that are supposed to do the same thing – recover files. Unfortunately, Professional Recover-Center doesn’t seem to be one of those programs that get the job done and, even if you get lucky and you recover some files, there are plenty of much better solutions out there, both free and paid. That’s all, folks!

Ease of use
Resources used
Summary 2.2/5
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