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Ishayat December 30, 2011 0

Pretty Run is a free Windows search tool that helps you to find and launch apps easily and quickly. This freeware will stay in your system tray and you can start searching something whenever you want by clicking on the icon in the system tray when it’s active. Let’s see what this freeware has to offer.

This free search tool is specially designed for the older versions of Windows that does not have a search option in Start Menu or other locations like we see in Windows 7 and Vista. There are search tools available in Windows now but you are still going to find this free Windows search tool alternative useful. You can assign hot-key for getting access to this freeware quickly or keep an optional desktop icon if you want.

This freeware comes with a very simple, user-friendly interface and will stay in your system tray when active. This free search tool starts searching as soon as you start typing like Google. This freeware have also access to some online search engines including IMDB, Google, YouTube and Bing. You can look for MP3, EXIF files specifically using this freeware and also set hotkeys, opacity of this program. There is an option called Magic Words that helps you to target an app with any word.

Features of Pretty Run:

  • Start searching for things easily
  • Search with specific file format including EXIF data, MP3 and more
  • Access to popular search engines including Bing, YouTube, IMDB and Google

Pretty Run is available for download at Pretty Run’s official website. It’s only 1.33MB in size and supports Windows 98 or higher. Try Pretty Run Free

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