Pale Moon: An Optimized For Windows Browser Based on Firefox

Ishayat March 24, 2012 0

Pale Moon is a free web browser, which is based on the very best of the web browsers, the mighty Mozilla Firefox. It is not only a Firefox based browser with some added eye candy. Rather it is a stripped down version of Firefox with some extra features to make it run faster on your Windows machine.

Just making the browser with the fastest core elements is not everything about making a faster and smoother browser. There is also matter of choosing features and functions according to the need of the users. The way this custom version of Firefox works is extremely similar to the original version of the concurrent Firefox browser, but a number of carefully selected functions have been disabled to increase the efficiency and the speed of the browser. The features which have been excluded are selected very carefully so that they do not interfere with the visualization of a webpage or not needed often by the users. The major features among them are the accessibility features and parental controls, which are left unused by more than 90% of the users. If you do not want to install a browser with many features you do not need, switching to Pale Moon is a very good idea.

You can use Pale Moon similar to Firefox browser and you can even install the addons and Personas from the official Mozilla websites. Therefore, if you are switching from your favorite Firefox browser, you will not need to change any of your old habits of Firefox like shortcuts, hotkeys, etc. Importing bookmark process is also similar to Firefox. Therefore, it will be the easiest transition ever.

Features of Pale Moon:

  • Lightweight in comparison with Firefox
  • Firefox addons and Persona support
  • More stable than Firefox

Pale Moon can be downloaded from the website of Pale Moon. It is only 12.56MB in size and supports Windows XP Service Pack 2 and above. Try Pale Moon Free

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Summary 4.4/5
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