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Codrut Nistor February 25, 2011 0

I don’t know about you, but I hate the idea of Saturday cleaning. In fact, one of my best buddies also does, so his cleaning day is Monday. My cleaning day is… random, to put if this way, so this week I decided that Friday is the cleaning day. In fact, we’re not really cleaning, we’re just bringing a bit of order into this organized chaos here… the chaos inside my computer, of course, and the tool we’re using is simply called My Defragmenter.


Released a few days ago, My Defragmenter 1.0 works with Windows XP/Vista/7 and is freely available. Using parts of the open source project UltraDefrag, My Defragmenter will try to sell you hard drives if your free space is running low and you click on the disk space warning links – but since this isn’t intrusive at all, I don’t think we could call this program “ad-supported” for now. If they’ll going to add some toolbars or spyware, maybe then…

… but let me add that My Defragmenter 1.0 comes inside a 2 MB setup package and installing it is blazing fast – only three screens to go through and no options to set. Sure, this also means you won’t get to choose where to install the program, but C:\Program Files\ConsumerSoft\MyDefragmenter doesn’t sound that bad to me. In the end, it’s all about getting the job done, so let’s move closer to that part – first, the looks of this application and then, just as expected, the works! ;)


Here, everything’s really straightforward – just the main window with a few buttons and areas, no documentation to keep you busy, excellent graphics so, despite the lack of multilanguage support, I dare to say that My Defragmenter looks and feels great, being extremely easy to use. Awesome! Let’s move on, then!


As it name clearly says, My Defragmenter is a disk defragmenter. Now, that I stated the obvious, let’s take this to the next level – with this program, you can manually defragment your hard drive(s), but you can also use the built-in scheduler to forget about this computer maintenance task that a lot of my friends have no idea about or just don’t care – “Defrag… what? I have no idea, buddy, you’ll do that for me when you get over here, all right?(..) No, no, don’t explain – you’ll do it and I’ll give you a beer, all right?” is what I usually get from them…

When it comes to manual defragmenting, there are surely a lot of better programs out there but, if you’re only using your computer for light tasks and you’re not into some heavy file downloads, I think My Defragmenter is the right tool – just install it, turn on the scheduler and forget about it!

Obviously, after installing My Defragmenter, checking your drives’ level of fragmentation is not just a good idea, but a must, so press that Analyze button and wait for the process to complete. Once that is over, every partition in your system will get a new icon, showing its status – this may be OK or DEFRAG. Unfortunately, after I chose to defrag my fragmented partitions, the situation didn’t improve much but I don’t blame this on My Defragmenter, since my hard drive is almost full.

The Scheduler’s settings can be modified in the Settings area – you can choose to have My Defragmenter working on your files every week or just once a year and, next to that and the day to do this, you also get to choose when – during startup or shutdown, to be more accurate.

The rest of it? Background noise, trust me! If you need help, try the online FAQ section before reaching for the phone. You don’t need to be a computer scientist to keep your computer in top shape, trust me!

Tips & Tricks

1. If you don’t want to see the online store with storage solutions, don’t click the Very Low links shown by the program – it’s just as easy as that!

2. Scheduling the automatic defragmentation process to run at startup isn’t a really good idea, unless you’re starting the computer early in the morning and then run to get a cup of coffee.

3. If you have more drives connected to the system, you don’t have to defragment all of them at once – be sure to select individual partitions you want to work on before pressing that Defragment button!


My Defragmenter 1.0 works well, only uses a small amount of your system’s memory/CPU resources while defragmenting your files, looks great and works with Vista/7. Oh, yeah – it even comes for free and features a scheduler!!!


A bit of offline documentation would be nice, not to mention some advanced manual defragmentation modes and maybe even a paid version without those useless Get Help and Drive Shop areas…

Final Thoughts

… but I must confess that I really like My Defragmenter. Sure, not enough to give it our badge, but enough to keep an eye on its future versions and to be confident that, one fine day, this program will earn all my trust and those five stars. My final words? Take My Defragmenter for a spin – it’s true that you may have seen better, but if you got friends like mine, installing this program, starting the Scheduler and forgetting about it is surely something you don’t want to miss! ;)

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