ModernView: Free OpenGL Image Viewer

Ishayat February 9, 2012 0

ModernView is a free digital image tool that helps you to browse your images without facing any jittering, flashing or tearing. If you want a free image viewer that is designed to browse your images only and are not filled with unnecessary features, ModernView is the best option for you.

Most of the image viewers out there are also filled with unnecessary features like editing, organizing and other things. But if you just want a plain image viewer that just comes with some basic features like zooming and panning, ModernView is just the software you are looking for. You can preview your images before opening them navigate them easily. You can rotate them, fit the exact size of your image, zoom in and out and do other image viewing stuff easily using this free image viewing software.

This free photo viewer comes with a simple, attractive user interface. You can watch your image collection in a professional way that makes watching images more attractive. The zooming feature in ModernView is very smooth that makes image watching experience enjoyable. You can easily compress image sizes and reduce resolutions to watch them easily on the fly. Other attractive features of this freeware are, 2D scrollbar panning, dual monitors, zooming and panning features, etc.

Features of ModernView:

  • Browse your images easily
  • Zoom and pan images smoothly
  • Supports 2D scrollbar panning, multiple displays and selection zooming
  • Simple, easy-to-use

ModernView is available for download at Arcor’s website. It’s only 421KB in size and supports Windows 7 and Vista only. Try ModernView Free

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Summary 5.0/5
Download ModernView: Free OpenGL Image Viewer


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