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Ishayat March 12, 2012 0

MKVToolnix is a free Matroska tool that helps you to inspect, alter and create Matroska or MKV files in Windows. If you are looking for a tool that can help you to merge MKV files, get information about a specific MKV file or extract data or tracks from Matroska files, MKVToolnix is the best option for you.

Matroska or MKV files are getting very popular nowadays for it’s technology and video quality. People can save their disk space by encoding big movies or video files into small MKV files as you get the same video quality in small sized MKV files. So, if you are thinking about depending on MKV files from now on, MKVToolnix is the best option for you. You can quickly get information on MKV file and do other things just like the things you can do with OGM files using the OGMtools.

This free MKV information viewer is specially designed for MKV files and is very easy to use. You can check MKV file information using this freeware, mux MKV files and extract necessary track or data from a MKV file using this freeware.  As this multimedia file format is getting very popular nowadays, you will find this free MKV information utility quite useful. If you are an encoder, you can definitely think about trying this software.

Features of MKVToolnix:

  • Create, inspect Matroska files easily
  • Merge MKV files, extract data or tracks from MKV files
  • Simple, user-friendly interface

MKVToolnix can be downloaded from Bunkus’s website. It’s only 6.37MB in size and supports Windows 9x or higher. Try MKVToolnix Free

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Summary 5.0/5
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