Magic Data Recovery Pack 2.0

Codrut Nistor February 10, 2011 0

Data recovery is not a kind of magic, although a lot of people believe that. Sometimes, bringing back to live files that their owners considered dead & buried doesn’t even require some commercial products – a freebie like Recuva should be more than enough.

Anyway, today we’re not into freebies, since Magic Data Recovery Pack, the subject we’re facing, is a commercial product. The only question that needs to be answered is, of course, the one related to your money and the value of this product, so… let’s see if Magic Data Recovery Pack is a product worthy of your hard-earned cash or if this isn’t exactly our lucky day! ;)


When it comes to version numbers, you should know that Magic Data Recovery Pack is, in fact, a duo – Magic Photo Recovery, a software that reached version 2.0 so far, and Magic Uneraser, with its latest release being labeled 3.1. These being said, you can consider the version number of Magic Data Recovery Pack to be 2.0 or 3.1, you can’t go wrong… and, in the end, this doesn’t really matter.

According to their documentation, both programs in the package work with “Microsoft Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7″ and have no special system requirements – only enough memory to properly run the Windows version installed and, of course, enough space to restore deleted files. Currently priced between $69.95 and $299.95 (Home/Office/Commercial editions can be purchased, but I have no idea what’s the difference between them), the Magic Data Recovery Pack also has a demo version – the one that I have here, of course. Its limitations? You can only look at it, as we’re going to see a bit later…

… but now we still have to add a few things regarding the first contact with this software package: its installer has 5.4 MB in size, requiring only 7.5 MB of free disk space for its own use, with additional spare needed for saved files – but none for the demo. Fortunately, there’s no toolbar or spyware to be afraid of, so the time has come to check the looks and the works now!


Magic Photo Recovery and Magic Uneraser are both wizard-driven, have very good graphics and using them is as easy as it gets. While you’ll get support for five languages, I think the documentation could have been better, especially since I wasn’t able to find any kind of information regarding the features offered by the various versions offered for purchase. All in all, I can’t say things are bad here – in fact, they’re pretty good, so let’s push forward and see what can be done with the Magic Data Recovery Pack, shall we?


While I could write a lot in this section, I won’t. This has nothing to do with my laziness, but with the fact that what we have here is an overpriced package consisting of two redundant programs. Basically, if you have Magic Uneraser, Magic Photo Recovery becomes useless, since it doesn’t do anything that you can’t accomplish with its elder brother, if I can put it this way.

The most annoying part about reviewing today’s subject is the fact that you get a demo version that can be used for as long as you wish, since it doesn’t do a damn thing, unless you think that previewing files that could be recovered is “something,” because I think that’s equal to a big, round and bold ZERO!!!

When Magic Data Recovery Pack works, it’s supposed to help you recover any kind of files, save/mount disk images, find partitions on formatted drives, as well as a few other things… but nothing out of this world or something that would make it worth its price, not even support for anything else than the ubiquitous FAT/NTFS file systems… Seriously!

I know it may sound really unfair, but I’ll stop here. There’s something really fishy about this software package, and I think that you can get much more and much better software for as much as 70 bucks. End of story, already! :|

Tips & Tricks

Don’t waste your money on this package, it may seem like an interesting choice, but it’s simply an overpriced program that doesn’t do anything special.


Magic Data Recovery Pack works with virtually all the Windows versions you can think of, looks good and using it should be really easy…


… as long as you made the mistake to buy it an get a program that can be used for something. The demo version is completely useless, information about the various licensing options can’t be found anywhere and, even when considering the cheapest option available, this software duo is still way too expensive for its features.

Final Thoughts

Magic? Hell, no! Not actually a nightmare, but surely one piece of code that will be forgotten in just a few days. My advice? Move along people, there’s nothing interesting to see here, move along!

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Summary 2.6/5
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