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Ishayat March 17, 2012 0

Logins Saver is a free password manager where you can store all your credit card details, usernames and passwords safely. If you own a lot of accounts in different messengers, websites and other places, you are going to love Logins Saver as you can save all your account details in once place.

If you worry about your online account’s security, you might use different login detail for different account. While it is a good idea to secure your accounts from hackers, it can be difficult for you to remember all the login details by yourself. That’s where Logins Saver can help you. Now you can store all your login details in one place and all you have to do is remember just one password, the master password and the master username.

This free password manager comes with a very simple user-interface and can be used by almost anybody without any special knowledge. The latest version of this freeware comes with a better technology and improved interface. You can easily add, delete or edit your login details, import or make backups and smartly manage your logins. All the information you save inside this freeware can be accessed using a master username and password only. So, remembering one password is enough now.

Features of Logins Saver:

  • Store all your account details and credit card number safely
  • Access to all your login details with just one master username and password
  • Modern, user-friendly interface

Logins Saver can be downloaded from Logivis Studio’s website. It’s only 2.34MB in size and supports Windows 2000 or higher. Try Logins Saver Free

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