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Ishayat March 1, 2012 0

Linkclump is a free Google Chrome extension that helps you to open multiple links at the same time. You can click an image or article that is linked to multiple pages and this free extension will open them in multiple tabs. Let’s see if this extension is a must have for Chrome users or not.

Sometimes, when we are reading an article or watching images, we click on them and see that the single link is connected with multiple links. It can be a small image that requires clicking on it for to watch them at full size or it can be an incomplete article that requires clicking to watch the complete article. That’s where this free Google Chrome extension comes in. You can open multiple links at once using this freeware which can help you to save a lot of time.


You can install this free Chrome extension just like you install other normal Google Chrome extensions. You will find all the necessary brief instructions in the tab opened by this program for the first time. You just have to hold down the shift key and then take the cursor on top of the link you are going to click. You can also set a filter for links with a specific word if you want. Overall, it’s a great app for those who want to open a link quickly from multiple links or want to save multiple links.

Features of Linkclump:

  • Open multiple links with just one click
  • Get quick access to the link you want from multiple links
  • Save multiple links easily

Linkclump can be downloaded from Google Chrome’s web store. Try Linkclump Free

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Summary 4.0/5
Download Linkclump: Free Google Chrome Extension


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