inSpeak: The All in One Messenger

Ishayat March 31, 2012 0

inSpeak is a free voice chat client for Windows, which will let you communicate with privacy and security. It may not be a famous platform for communication, but its flexibility will give you some motivation to switch.

Using this free voice and video chat client, you can also send online and offline messages like any established IM platform. You can chat one to one using voice or even video though it is called a voice chat client. You can transfer different formats of files and pictures with great speed. In moderated chat rooms, you can connect to many new people using voice, video or text chatting. There are multimedia showrooms, where you will be able to watch TV and movies besides chatting. You will also be able to learn new things and search more in the educational rooms. You will also have the ability to create and manage your own chat rooms with voice. You can also  get attractive nicknames with colors unlike most of the popular chat clients. There are many attractive icons, smilies, winks, etc. Amazingly, the file transfers in the sessions can be paused and resumed later, which is a unique feature among all the free all in one messengers out there.

Using this free desktop communicator is very simple. For getting some features, you will need to spend some money, but you are not forced to use their basic features for free.

Features of inSpeak

  • Easy to use
  • Feature rich
  • Good customer support

You can download inSpeak from the website of inSpeak. It is only 10.84MB in size and supports Windows XP and above. Try inSpeak Free

Ease of use
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Summary 4.4/5
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