Get Control Over The Startup Processes With Autoruns

Ishayat March 13, 2012 0

Autoruns is a free startup management utility that helps you to get a control over the processes that starts during startup. If you want to monitor the configured processes that run during login or system bootup automatically, Autoruns is the best option for you.

If you are trying to stop a process that runs during the startup automatically but don’t know what to do, it is time that you start using Autoruns. This freeware can help you to get complete control over the things that run during startup or login and you can also check their registry entries. So, if you want to delete a specific process, you can remove it’s registry entry. This freeware displays things in different categories like Services, Drivers, Logon, Print Monitors, Boot Execute, Image Hijacks, Codecs, Winlogon, KnownDLLs, Winsock Providers, Sidebar Gadgets, etc.

This free process utility comes with a simple, attractive user-interface where all the running processes are presented as different tabs. If you want to stop a specific process from starting everytime you turn on your PC, you can directly delete it’s registry entry. This freeware actually works like a free startup manager as you can manage almost all the things related with the startup process. Overall, it’s a must have software if you are tired of the unwanted process that starts running right after you turn on your PC.

Features of Autoruns:

  • Get complete control over the processes that starts running during startup
  • Get complete information about the processes including it’s registry location
  • Simple yet attractive user-interface

Autoruns can be downloaded from TechNet. It’s only 523KB in size and supports Windows XP or higher. Try Autoruns Free

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