Get Access to Your PC Remotely From Browser Using ThinVNC

Ishayat March 22, 2012 0

ThinVNC is a free web remote desktop solution. You will be able to access your computer remotely from any device with a modern browser as it requires a HTML5 compliant browser to give you access to your remote desktop. You get a secure and high performance remote desktop access over the internet using the latest technologies like HTML5, AJAX and WebSockets.

It gives all the basic features offered by any other VNC client out there and for that you will not require to download another client to access your remote desktop. Using this free web based VNC client, you will not only be able to view your desktop from different operating systems like Mac, Windows or Linux, but also you will be able to view your desktop using other devices like tablets, mobiles and laptops. Therefore, you will not have to install another client each time you need access to your computer from different devices. You will not even need any additional plugin if you have the latest version of the browsers. You will be able to share your screen to others, transfer files, print remotely, give presentations and none of your viewers will need to do anything else than clicking a link shared by you.

Using this free HTML5 VNC client does not need much learning. If you have used VNC before, it is the easiest to setup and if you have not ever used it before, it can be the first to learn as it is the easiest. Make sure your browser is HTML5 compliant before logging in to your PC remotely.

Features of ThinVNC

  • Easy to use
  • Cross OS and Cross Device
  • Zero client setup

ThinVNC can be downloaded from Cybelesoft’s website. It is only 13.67MB in size and supports Windows 2000 and above. Try ThinVNC Free

Ease of use
Resources used
Summary 4.6/5
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