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Sometimes, I forgot that my computer still has an optical drive. Fortunately, some good movie or audio/video music CD/DVD makes me remember about it and, since I hate paying for lossy content that can’t be nicely seated inside my collection, I end up with a few new CDs/DVDs once in a while. Sometimes, I really need to keep them on my hard drive, so I usually end up creating ISO images of those discs. Unfortunately, when it comes to using them on standalone CD/DVD players, some problems may arise, not to mention the need for converting audio/video tracks to various formats – at least from time to time.

Considering all the above, taking DVDFab DVD Copy for a spin sounded like a great idea, especially since this program, available for individual purchase, is part of a larger software suite, namely DVDFab. Just think about this – you take DVDFab DVD Copy for a spin, but you also get a bunch of additional tools in the package! These being said, the time has come to get busy, so let’s get to it, shall we?


As I write this, the last version of DVDFab is, released on the 5th of January, 2011. Obviously, its DVD Copy component has the same version number, no doubt about it. Fully compatible with both the 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows XP/Vista/7, DVDFab DVD Copy, also known as DVD to DVD, can be purchased for $50 – a license one year, while a two-year license is just a bit more expensive, with $57.60. If you want to order any of the Fengtao Software products available on DVDFab.com, you should take a closer look at this page, because there are simply too many licensing offers available to waste time with them now. After all, we should talk about DVDFab DVD Copy 8.0′s here, right?

DVDFab DVD Copy’s trial version I got here can be used for as long as 30 days, having no functional limitations. This is simply amazing, since most competitors offer trial versions of similar products that are severely crippled when it comes to features.

The setup package of the whole all-in-one suite has only 14.2 MB in size and installing it is as easy as 1-2-3. As long as you have about 40 MB of free disk space to install the package and a lot of extra space to use for storage (temporary or not), there may be only two little problems likely to give you a headache: the License Agreement starts with one of those all-caps paragraphs I know most people really hate and, even worse – or not, depends on your personal feelings on this matter, you’ll have to restart your computer before being able to use the program…

… but since there’s no toolbar or spyware to be afraid of, I think there’s not much to worry about at this stage, so let’s move to the good stuff, as usual – looks and features!


DVDFab DVD Copy 8.0 looks almost perfect. What’s wrong with it? Its interface doesn’t use exactly the color I love… but if you want to take it seriously, here’s what’s lacking here: proper offline documentation and skins. Yeah, skins – not really needed, but this program looks so good that skins would make it absolutely stunning! Other than that, using this program is really easy and, despite the fact it doesn’t come with anything else than a few TXT files as documentation, the online Tutorials page has all the info you’ll probably ever need.


When it comes to features, things look just as they’re supposed to: a lot of features that are nicely packed into an easy to use interface that allows you to concentrate only on the task, without having to bother with the little things. Sure, a 1-2-3 wizards that even a little kid would be able to use may help, but DVDFab DVD Copy is great just the way it is, but let me tell you how was my day with this piece of code!

Looking for an original DVD to mess with, I bumped into Craig Ferguson’s “A Wee Bit O’ Revolution” – a really fine occurrence, since I bought that one for my wife a few months ago, but didn’t manage to watch it myself. Even more interesting, I wasn’t able to perform any tests on it using VSO Inspector, so I suppose it’s copy protected or something…

… but it doesn’t really matter – copy protected or not, I was able to copy the entire disc using the “Full Disc” option in less than 10 minutes! Obviously, I copied the DVD to a folder on my hard drive (see screenshots at the end of the review) and not to another disc, but still… I think this is a pretty good result, especially since I was busy doing other things with my computer during that period.

Speaking about features, I think it’s enough to say I was also able to watch a preview of the DVD while the program was busy making the copy, not to mention the fact that, when you preview a chapter, you can lower audio volume! I know it sounds like something basic, but you’d be amazed how many similar tools don’t have volume control available when previewing video!!!

DVDFab DVD Copy can handle both DVD discs and ISO images, offering the following operation modes: Full Disc, Main Movie, Split, Clone, Customize, Customize Split, Merge and Write Data. This tool is really fast and has been optimize to work properly with multiple CPUs/cores – one of my obsessions when it comes to such programs.

More than just grabbing data from a DVD, DVDFab DVD Copy allows you to customize the result, so you can easily remove annoying commercials, FBI warnings, useless titles or elements that you don’t really need, like audio tracks in a language that you don’t care about, for example.

I know I should tell you more about this tool, but I won’t. Why? This has nothing to do with the weekend knocking at my door, it’s all about allowing you to do what you have to do: grab a DVD, put it in your computer, fire up this program and let the magic begin! ;)

Tips & Tricks

1. In case your hard drive is almost full and you can’t remember when was the last time you used a defragmenting tool, you should clear some space and optimize your drive before using DVDFab DVD Copy. Just a thought…

2. Be sure to remember that, in most countries, creating a copy of a DVD you own is not illegal, but when you sell that copy or copy a DVD you rented, you may be doing it wrong already…

3. Since you already downloaded the whole DVDFab suite, feel free to mess with the other tools as well – it’s enough to say they’ll use your CPU/GPU capabilities to the max, so feel free to try them all!


DVDFab DVD Copy 8.0 is only a member of a large family, but it’s just as good as its relatives – it gets the job done really fast, takes full advantage of the hardware at its disposal, looks great and it’s really easy to use. Since it also works with the 32-/64-bit versions of all popular Windows operating systems, what else could you ask for?


Well, some offline documentation and lower prices would be great, not to mention those interface skins again… and there’s also something almost making me crazy: the program comes with a lot of language files in a folder, yet there’s no language setting to be found inside it, so how the *&^% do I change the language??? Oh, yeah, one more thing – are those greyed out options unavailable because the type/format of my disc, or because I’m using an unregistered version? No idea about this, either…

Final Thoughts

DVDFab DVD Copy 8.0 gets our badge for being an excellent product, despite its minor drawbacks. Minor things like volume control for content preview and major stuff like excellent support for multiple CPUs and GPU acceleration make the difference and, these being said, I can only suggest that you take this entire software package for a spin, since there’s much more than DVD Copy to be had… the only problem remaining is to be able to spare enough money to grab them all.

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