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Codrut Nistor February 15, 2011 0

I feel in the mood for jokes today, so here we are: do you know how to make a Windows computer much faster? Install Linux! Even more, if you ever wondered about device drivers and what’s the definition of such a thing, the easiest one I can come up with is “device drivers are pieces of code that need to be constantly updated so that Windows-compatible hardware, after a few driver updates, finally start to work with Windows as they should have in the first place” and, unfortunately, sometimes this is true…

… so that’s why I decided to take Driver Reviver for a spin. I know we had SlimDrivers here last week and that’s the best driver updater I have seen so far, so this week the task at hand is very simple: can Driver Reviver get any better or not? Well, that’s only the big picture, but there should be plenty to see here, so let’s get this started!


According to the info shown by its main window after starting it, what I have here is Driver Reviver version 3.1.648.9017. That already gave me a headache, to be honest. To me, 3.1 is more than enough, anyway…

… so let’s add that Driver Reviver 3.1 works with all popular Windows versions, including Windows 7, a one-year license is priced at $29.99 (premium 24/7 support and free product upgrades during that period are included) and the demo version is useless, as we’re going to see pretty soon.

Before moving to the looks and works, let me add that I really enjoyed installing Driver Reviver – the installer offers multilanguage support, has only 4.5 MB in size, looks great and… only has 3 screens to click through, but the License Agreement starts with one of those all-caps paragraphs I really hate and, as soon as the program is installed, you’re being shown a page on the official site of the product and, at the same time, the program comes to life and starts scanning your computer. I am not crazy about such programs and I know for sure that some people really hate such “independent” installers. Anyway, these being said, we should move on, since the really ugly stuff is waiting to be uncovered…


Driver Reviver 3.1 looks very good, using it is easy, but there’s no offline documentation, no wizards, and most of the questions answered on the FAQ page you’re taken to when pressing the Online Help button inside the program are related to registration/licensing, not serious stuff, like “how does it work” or “why doesn’t this offer automatic driver updates if it’s that expensive,” but these are only minor issues, since the really bad part can be discovered when you look for reviews of this product on Google…


… and this is where everything comes crumbling down for Driver Reviver. In most cases, I don’t even care what others say about the programs I review, but this time, I wanted to take a look at other people’s reviews, but all I managed to find were some shitty articles advertising for some other product or nothing more but pure nonsense (this, for example) and only a few reviews that could have been trustable. On the other hand…

… I found this: “Due to one unhappy customer we have been getting a number of negative reviews on software download sites such as etc. We need some positive reviews for our applications Registry Reviver, Driver Reviver and Battery Optimizer on as many software download portals as possible. These sites include but are not limited to,,,,,
You may need to create a user account in order to create the review on these sites. Make sure that your review is not too positive otherwise it will look fake.
After you have written review, copy the link to the comment. You will be paid for every comment I see that is for a new comment.”
(more on the topic, here)

Considering the above, how could I really care about this program? In theory, things look pretty cool, despite the fact you don’t get some of the stuff you find in similar programs that actually work, even in demo/trial mode. Unfortunately, practice kills Driver Reviver and now, after paying to get fake user reviews, nobody should ever trust these guys again, especially since we’re not talking about a text editor here, but about a tool that could really damage your system. I know this doesn’t say much about the features, but I am sure it’s more than enough. Move along, please…

Tips & Tricks

Spend your money on a decent product – there are plenty of them around. In the end, drivers can be installed/updated manually without breaking a sweat, so why bother paying for software scams like this one?


Driver Reviver 3.1 looks like a decent product at first sight, offering support for Windows 7 and having a shiny interface…


… but the truth can be expressed by a single word: rotten!!!

Final Thoughts

What started like a review of a program that could be decent ended up as a disaster. Fortunately, you’ll know to avoid this product, while I surely won’t have any nightmares involving Driver Reviver… On the other hand, the software company behind this product (as well as Registry Reviver and Battery Optimizer) should have some nightmares and, most of all, should be ashamed for everything. That’s all, folks! ;)

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