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No matter if you are a computer professional or a home user you are always worried about your computer, its efficiency, its reduced speed, etc. Whenever you find that your computer is not performing as efficiently as it used to do before the only solution that comes to your mind is to reinstall your operating system in order to improve its performance. If you are using your computer at home the frequency of reinstallation of operating system can be around twice in every six months however if a computer is used in any production environment administrators do not prefer to reinstall the operating system until and unless the computer gets dead slow. In other words it might take years for the computer in any organization to have an operating system reinstalled on it. Whatsoever the case is, the very first thing that comes in your mind is whether you still have driver disks with you. Many times these driver disks are misplaced and you are required to search out for appropriate drivers in the market or many times you look for them on the Internet and download each driver for the attached hardware individually. Easy solution to this problem is Driver Guide Toolkit 2.0 which, when installed, backs up all the installed hardware drivers on the operating system and allows users to create a driver installation disc.


Installation file of Driver Guide Toolkit 2.0 is approximately 4.9 MB in size which can be downloaded from the official website. Once the application is downloaded and installed it occupies around 7.98 MB of space on the local hard disk in the system drive.

Driver Guide Toolkit 2.0 is a shareware application that costs around $29.95 however trial version of the software can still be downloaded from the website if users want to test and view the features it offers.

Default installation path for Driver Guide Toolkit 2.0 is C:\Program Files\DriveGuide Toolkit when installed in a 32-bit version of operating system whereas when installed on 64-bit operating system its default installation path, in that case, is C:\Program Files(x86)\DriveGuide Toolkit. This further means that Driver Guide Toolkit 2.0 can be installed and used on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of operating systems.

Driver Guide Toolkit 2.0 is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) operating systems.


Driver Guide Toolkit 2.0 offers easy-to-use interface that has no menus at all. The entire interface is based on the buttons, checkboxes and the tabs which can be checked or unchecked to get desired results. Moreover the main interface of Driver Guide Toolkit 2.0 provides several buttons on the same frame which further eliminates the requirement of moving to and fro from tab to tab. This makes the operation of the application quite easy and user-friendly for the users.


Driver Guide Toolkit 2.0 is capable of taking backups of all the hardware drivers installed on any operating system. With the help of easy-to-use interface offered by the application users can back up driver files which are by default stored in C:\Windows\System32\drivers folder. Driver Guide Toolkit 2.0 also searches for the drivers which are not stored in the default location and once they are found it backs them up as well.

All the backed up drivers can be stored on a local hard disk drive on any selected location and if users want they can also create a driver installation disc which contains all backed up drivers in it. Installation disc can be any optical media, for example CD or DVD.

Driver Guide Toolkit 2.0 also allows users to customize the driver search where they can specify if the application should search for both Microsoft-based and non-Microsoft-based drivers or non-Microsoft-based drivers only.

The application also allows users to search the web to hunt for and download updated drivers from the vendors’ sites. This feature is helpful if users feel that current drivers for some hardware are outdated and they require to be updated.

Best Practices

Since Driver Guide Toolkit 2.0 software is quite sophisticated there are few best practices which should be followed by any user who wants to use the application.

  1. In order to get the best out of Driver Guide Toolkit 2.0 it is recommended that you should always look out for updated versions of the application.
  2. If you want to save disc space it is recommended that you should only backup non-Microsoft-based drivers as all Microsoft-based drivers are automatically installed along with Windows installation.
  3. Once you have backed up the drivers it is strongly recommended to save the backed up drivers onto any optical media and also create a backup copy of it (to be on safer side).
  4. Check for updated drivers on regular basis and once they are found and installed create a backup of the latest drivers and burn them on any optical media as well.
  5. While saving backed up drivers on the local hard disk make sure that you do not save them on the system drive. It is recommended that you should save all the backed up drivers on any drive other than C: so that they may not get deleted when Windows gets corrupt.


Driver Guide Toolkit 2.0 is a powerful application that allows you to create driver installation disc even if you have lost it. The application is regularly updated by its vendor and the latest news can be viewed on its official website.

Driver Guide Toolkit 2.0 offers a menu-free easy to use interface so that even the users who are not technically qualified can operate the application and get benefited.


Driver Guide Toolkit 2.0 can only be used on Microsoft-based computers. This means if users have MAC or Linux based PCs this application can serve no good to them.

Final Thought

Driver Guide Toolkit 2.0 is quite handy and small but very powerful application which can be useful for both home based users and highly skilled technical professionals. Since it backs up all the drivers installed on any Microsoft-based PC Driver Guide Toolkit 2.0 can be considered as a ‘must have’ application for almost every user who is fond of computers and loves to play with Windows.

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