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Ishayat January 5, 2012 0

Download Speed Test is a free internet software that helps you to check the speed of the internet connection you are using. You can check it using any download link you want and you can also check a specific remote server’s performance in this way. Let’s see if this free internet speed checker is worth trying or not.

There are lots of internet connection speed checker online but if you don’t want to test your bandwidth online, Download Speed Test is the best option for you. You can test your internet bandwidth right from your PC without visiting a website. As you are testing the download speed using a software, you can test your internet connection’s speed using any download link you want. You can also perform the test continuously to get better average score.

The user interface of this free internet utility is attractive and easy-to-use. You will find two gauges in the main window that displays the average download speed and the current download speed. There is a graph under the gauges for showing the download time with a log file in the lower panel. You can download your preferred download link in the entry field and press Start to start the test. Once you are done checking, you can try the continuous test option if you want.

Features of Download Speed Test:

  • Check the speed of your internet connection easily
  • Perform continuous test to get better average score
  • Check a specific remote server’s performance

Download Speed Test is available for download at AB-Tools website. It’s only 1.53MB in size and supports Windows Me or higher. Try Download Speed Test Free

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Download Download Speed Test: Free Internet Software


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