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Ishayat January 11, 2012 0

DinnerWiz is a free food menu creator that helps you to create a weekly dinner menu in the way you want. You can create a restaurant like menu card for your home and organize your dinner menu easily. If you don’t want to ask yourself everyday “what to cook for dinner?”, DinnerWiz is the best option for you.

Thinking everyday what you have to cook for dinner tonight can be really annoying. But if you like to create a dinner menu every week, you are going to love DinnerWiz. You can also set a specific day for eating something special. If you want to change something in your weekly dinner menu after creating one, you will be able to do that with just one click. You have the option to change a week’s menu whenever you want.

This free dinner menu creator is extremely easy to use and comes with a user-friendly interface. You will find a step by step installation process so the installation process is also easy. Once you have created your preferred dinner menu, you can print the menu. You can also add all your favorite dishes in DinnerWiz and let this freeware create a random menu for you. Overall, this is a great free dinner menu creator for creating an entire week’s dinner menu.

Features of DinnerWiz:

  • Create dinner menu for the entire menu easily
  • Select a specific day for a specific dish
  • Change your menu with just one click
  • Simple, user-friendly interface

DinnerWiz is available for download at RL Vision’s official website. It’s only 0.5MB in size and supports Windows 95 or higher. Try DinnerWiz Free

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Summary 4.0/5
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