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Do you have a huge music/photo collection? I do, no need to hide it, and we’re talking about personal photos, not stuff downloaded from the Internet. Same thing goes for the music, the largest part of my collection being files ripped off my audio CDs or some recordings from my friends who have bands or have been in a band at a certain time in their lives.

That’s just great, but what to do when duplicates start to become a problem? To be honest, I usually use the duplicate finding capabilities of my file manager or, sometimes even better, I get help from one of those all-in-one system utilities out there. If you like to keep things simple, you may want to try a program that was built only to clear duplicate files – or at least that’s what its name says, since the truth may be a bit different, as we’re going to see right away…


Clear Duplicate Files 4.71 is a shareware program that seems to have some limitations until you purchase it. I won’t waste time and tell you about it right now: the operating systems and limitations of the freely available shareware version don’t really matter, because this program is nothing more but a big scam!

Just three facts: the big button saying “Microsoft RECOMMENDS As the Best Software To Clear Duplicate Files” doesn’t lead to any Microsoft official recommendation page, but only links to the setup package; at the bottom of the page, you find this text: “How to Clear Duplicate Files? How can I clear duplicate files? How do I clear duplicate files on my computer? How to Delete duplicate files? Clear file duplicates, clear duplicated files, automatically clear duplicate files, find duplicate files and delete duplicate files with the duplicate file deleter. Duplicate file removing software can clear duplicate files, clear duplicate music files, clear duplicate MP3 music, clear duplicate photos and clear duplicate pictures.” and the first question links to the same page it’s linking from; at last, the price of this software is ridiculous, considering the features – $39.95!

Strange enough, the setup package has about 20 MB in size, but no toolbar or spyware. You’ll find out later why so large – at least that’s not a bad thing, unlike most things about this program. The installation process??? No need to hurry with that, just check a few more facts about Clear Duplicate Files before making that mistake… ;)


No matter what I said above, I can’t deny the fact that Clear Duplicate Files looks good – it has wizards, interface themes (various predefined border styles and color schemes), a decent Help file… but there’s no multilanguage support and, to be honest, I think the rather complex interface doesn’t help much. Well, it could help in fooling people that this is a program really worth 50 bucks, I have no doubt about that…


As soon as you start the program, you end up facing its configuration wizard. This one has no less than 7 steps and, to be honest, it’s more about the looks than the works. For example, you have to select the source folder, what to do with your files (copy/move??? for me, to clear means “to delete” and nothing else!), choose the destination folder, select how to organize music files, then… ehem, you are given the chance to register the program. Well, DON’T!!!

At first sight, the main window of Clear Duplicate Files makes you believe this is a really complex program. The truth? I won’t keep you waiting, this is a waste of time anyway: this program is a shameless lie, nothing more! It simply takes a really easy job and makes it look like rocket science just to get to your money, that’s it!

Seriously, there are plenty of free solutions to help you clear duplicate files and, if you really want to spend your money the right way, you can go ahead and purchase one of those excellent all-in-one system maintenance suites available for about the same prices, sometimes even cheaper. These being said, I think we should move on – I could tell you a lot of things about the so-called “features” of this program, but there’s no need for that – all you’ll find here is nothing more but nice packaging to an empty shell…

Tips & Tricks

Don’t waste your time or money with this scam – that’s all you have to remember about Clear Duplicate Files!


Clear Duplicate Files looks good and has decent documentation.


The price is ridiculous, the whole site is nothing more but spam (hey, PR0 for the official page of a Microsoft Recommended product? come on!) and this program doesn’t do anything to justify buying it or even bothering to take it for a quick spin, as long as there are plenty free/paid products that can clear duplicate files and a lot of other things!

Final Thoughts

Nothing more but software scam everyone should avoid, that’s what Clear Duplicate Files is! End of story. :|

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