Clean Disk Space With BleachBit

Ishayat March 12, 2012 0

BleachBit is a free file management utility that helps you to remove unnecessary files and internet usage history from your PC to free up disk space and remove junk files. If you are not sure where all your free hard disk space is going and want to clean all the unnecessary junk files from your PC, BleachBit is one of the best option you can think of.

There are plenty of cleaners out there but most of the cleaners come with internet usage history remover or are designed for removing history, cache, cookies from internet browsers like Firefox. But this free junk file cleaner is specially designed for a lot of popular apps including Adobe Reader, Google Earth,, RealPlayer, Flash, XChat, Skype, Google Chrome, Chromium, Beagle, Epiphany, Java, Yum, Internet Explrer, Firefox, Opera, Safari and more. You can get rid of all the old junk files from your PC including temporary files, cache, localizations, internet history, cookies, broken shortcuts and logs.

This free file removing utility comes with a very simple user interface and all the operations are presented very simple way. You just have to read the descriptions, choose the thing you want to remove and then click delete. You can also hide the tracks of all your deleted files by other apps and prevent the option to recover those files.

Features of BleachBit:

  • Remove junk files to clean disk space
  • Supports cleaning more than 90 apps including Adobe Flash, Google Chrome and Firefox
  • Delete files permanently to prevent recovery

BleachBit can be downloaded from BleachBit’s official website. It’s only 5.98MB in size and supports Windows XP or higher. Try BleachBit Free

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