ClamWin: A Powerful Open Source Antivirus for Your PC

Ishayat April 3, 2012 0

ClamWin is a free antivirus for Windows with all the basic antivirus features baked right in without spending anything at all. It is an open source antivirus and yet it has managed to keep the users happy as well.

This free Windows antivirus has a very easy installer and if you want to make some modifications, you are welcomed with the source code too. ClamWin has a high rate of detection of spyware and viruses. Like any premium antivirus program, you can schedule your virus checking or check a single file right from the context menu of Windows Explorer. You will not have to worry about the update also as the Virus Database is updated automatically. This free antivirus software also has an addin for Microsoft Outlook, which can remove any attachment in your email which is virus infected. As it is open source, people from all over the world are helping the development of this software, which is resulting a better and richer database. Therefore, the ClamWin virus database is as rich as any premium antivirus program.

If you want to use ClamWin antivirus as your primary antivirus program, you will have to keep that in mind that ClamWin does not feature any real time scanner or on access scanner. Therefore, you will need to scan a file manually in order to detect spyware or virus.

Features of ClamWin

  • Easy to use
  • Automatic update of database
  • High rate of detection

ClamWin can be downloaded from the website of ClamWind. It is 42.55MB in size and supports all versions of Windows. Try ClamWin Free

Ease of use
Resources used
Summary 3.8/5
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