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Ishayat February 16, 2012 0

Checker Plus is a free Chrome extension that helps you to receive email alerts from Gmail just like you receive chat notifications from an IM software. If you don’t want to open your browser everytime you receive an email, Checker Plus is the best option for you.

We have to open our browsers everyime we want to check our mails. But what if we can do it right from the desktop? Checker Plus is the answer to this question. You can check your Gmail right from the desktop without even opening your browser. You can check your latest mails and also delete them using this free Google Chrome extension. This freeware also shows sender’s photo with the notification if a photo is available. It’s just like receiving an IM alert. You can also set different sound notification for receiving email notifications.

This free Chrome plugin is very easy to use and can be installed just like any other extension you install in Google Chrome. Another attractive feature of this free Google Chrome extension is, you don’t have to give away your account details to login as this extension can automatically detect the Gmail account you are currently logged in using Chrome and will start checking your mails directly. If you are using multiple accounts, Checker Plus will ask you if you want to use a specific one. If you want to use this free Chrome plugin when Chrome browser is not running, you have the freedom to do that too.

Features of Checker Plus:

  • Check your mails right from your desktop
  • Read and delete mails without opening internet browser
  • Simple, easy-to-use

Checker Plus can be downloaded from Chrome Web Store. It’s very small in size and is available for free. Try Checker Plus Free

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