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Codrut Nistor January 3, 2011 0

First review of the new year, first burning tool. Why a burning tool? Well, it seems it’s pretty cold outside, so I decided to throw some fire into the pot. The name of the flame? BurnPro, of course! ;)


Strange enough, not even the company behind this product seems to know the number of its current version, since the official page says it’s something like 4.1.0, the setup package 5.1.1, and the program itself claims the version I have here is 5.5.1. Even more, the installer says “BurnPro” and the program itself contains only references to “Burn Pro” as its name. Pretty funny, don’t you think? ;)

Considering the little big problem described above, I suppose the information about compatibility with Windows versions is accurate or not… but at least it sounds better than three different program versions to choose from: “works under Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Win7/Win7 operating system (or higher).”

Priced at $29.95, BurnPro 5.1 (or is it 5.5.1?) is also available for a 10 executions trial without any other limitations, except this one and the nag screen you’ll have to face every time when starting the program. If you discover any other limitation, please don’t hesitate to drop a comment below…

… but there’s still a pretty long road ahead waiting for us and now we’ll quickly go through the whole installation part. To be honest, there’s nothing much to say about this – we have a 4.8 MB setup package, a few screens to go through, no spyware/toolbars to be afraid of, no special requirements or settings to give you headaches. If you have at least about 22 MB of free disk space, there’s nothing else to worry about, just “click, click, click” and you’re all set to go!


BurnPro is more than just a simple burning program, since we’re talking about more of a set of little tools that can be launched from the main window and, best part of it all, all these components are being wizard-driven, which obviously makes them really easy to use. While the graphics are good and the overall layout of the wizzies and the main window are also decent, it’s a real shame to see there’s no multilanguage support or any kind of offline documentation. Well… this is it, I guess, so if you’re not happy with what you see, I am sure you’ll be happy when you find out about the things that can be done with this piece of code, trust me! ;)


After playing with this program for a few minutes, I had a revelation: this looks exactly like something I’ve seen before – “9 executions,” all the tools, the layout of the wizard windows… and I was right, unfortunately. BurnPro is, basically, same thing as Magic Burning Toolbox!

Now, all I can say is that we may have another of those programs that use different names, slightly different interfaces and different sites to be sold, sometimes even for different prices, as it happens with those many registry cleaners around. Considering these, you may want to skip this program already and go check a freeware alternative… or not. Speaking for myself, the choice is obvious – I started this, I have to finish it! ;)

In the main window of this program, we can find the following areas: Data, Music, Video and, finally, Tools. Each of them has a few tasks available, each hiding a wizard ready to go and guide you from the first step to the end. Since most of them have names that say it all, let’s quickly go through these four areas of the program and see what’s waiting in there, shall we?

In the Data area, the options available are Data CD, Data DVD, Data HD DVD and Data Blu-ray Disc. Support for HD DVDs and Blu-ray discs (or… should I say “bli-ray disc,” as they wrote in the task description?) surely brings in some value to the program, only that… you can also find freebies able to handle them! ;)

Next, we have Music. Here, only two items can be found, namely Audio CD and Grab Audio CD. Obviously, their purpose is to create and rip audio CDs, nothing more. As long as you don’t expect uber advanced features, these tools should get the job done pretty well.

In the Video area, you can find three tasks ready to go – Video CD, Super Video CD and DVD Video Files. These can only make me wonder about one thing – who the hell is still using those ancient Video CD/Super Video CD formats in 2010… ehem, 2011?

At last, we have Tools, probably the most interesting part of this program, since the tasks available here can also help you forget about purchasing or finding a freebie ISO tool. Except the Disc Eraser and Device Info, we have three ISO tools here, namely ISO Creator, ISO Burner and ISO Grabber. One virtual CD/DVD tool, and the menu would have been complete…

… but this is where it all ends and, despite the fact that BurnPro seems to look pretty good and there are no special problems you’re going to face while using it, you need to remember what I said in the beginning: unfortunately, this is a copy of another product or another product is a copy of this one, it doesn’t really matter – just look at them both and you’ll get the idea.

Tips & Tricks

The only tip I feel like giving today is this: forget about BurnPro, go straight to a free product – those can even come with documentation, you know… ;)


BurnPro comes with a nice feature set, looks good and using it is really easy. To make everything even more interesting, its trial version has no functional limitations except the nag screen and that “10-executions” limit, but…


… there’s no documentation, some English spelling mistakes are ridiculous, especially since they can also be spotted in the screenshots on the official product page (bli-ray discs, anyone?) and the fact that not even the version number and name can’t be told for sure tells me something’s really wrong with this program.

Final Thoughts

If BurnPro would be the only one of its kind, it would be a pretty good program, despite its minor issues. Unfortunately, things seem to be quite different, so best thing to do is to simply avoid it. For a commercial program without a single page of documentation and with a twin that’s not quite identical, but pretty much the same (Magic Burning Toolbox), BurnPro is far from being a smart buy. Believe me when I say you’ll find better in both the freeware and commercial worlds, but if you really want to take this for a spin, go ahead – at least it can get the job done for free, as long as you don’t want to run it 11 times! ;)

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Summary 3.6/5
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