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Ishayat March 23, 2012 0

Comodo Dragon Internet Browser is a free secured internet browser that gives you unparalleled level of security while you are browsing at the highest speed using the same technology as the Google Chrome browser. The question is why you will choose this secured internet browser over Chrome or Chromium browser. The answer is simple too, it is the security.

Internet has become a medium of more than just information now. Everyday people make huge transaction over the internet and perform many jobs of highly confidential label. Therefore, they value and importance of everyone’s IDs and passwords are increasing day by day and so are the risks of losing them to unwanted people. Therefore, need of a fast, stable and secure browser is now more than ever and Google Chrome is doing it the right way, mostly. Mostly, because being fast and stable are not the only requirements of the users from a browser now. They need security too. In the last few years the number of compromised websites have increased manifold. Comodo Dragon, the chrome based secured browser combines the power of the two best names together. It has the same speed and features of Chromium plus the unrivaled level of security and privacy what you expect from an online security and trust assurance innovator like Comodo.

Using Comodo Dragon Internet Browser is very easy. If you want to switch from your current browser, you will be able to import your bookmarks and history easily from any conventional browser you used before. The interface is very neat and if you have already used Chromium or Chrome, you will have a familiar feel with the browser.

Features of Comodo Dragon Internet Browser

  • Highly secured
  • Blazing fast using the latest technology from Chromium
  • Better privacy features then Chrome

You can download Comodo Dragon Internet Browser from the website of Comodo. It is only 25.51MB in size and supports Windows XP and above. Try Comodo Dragon Internet Browser Free

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Summary 3.6/5
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