Avant Browser: Browse with Extreme Speed, Functionality and Compatibility

Ishayat April 5, 2012 0

Avast Browser is free web browser with high compatibility and user friendly interface besides lots of additional features. As it is an Internet Explorer based browser, you will never have to think about choosing between compatibility and functionality again.

It is a very fast and stable browser with multi window usability. There are lots of options baked in with the browser which are not usually seen in the mainstream browsers. For example this free web browser features a built in flash blocker. When you browse the internet, you come over a number of pages full of flash contents. These flash files are larger than usual contents of pages and take more time. Therefore, blocking them will save a huge bandwidth and also decrease the page loading time. If blocking flash is not enough, you can also block videos, pictures, ActiveX components and sounds and make your browsing experience even faster. Avant Browser also features a built in pop up blocker that will stop any unnecessary pop up while you are browsing. There are some mouse gestures that will let you speed up your browsing using Avant. You can browse multiple pages simultaneously using multiple windows. All of those pages can be loaded, stopped and refreshed with only one click. You can also browse in full screen and all your toolbars will be hidden instantly giving you all of your screen free for browsing.

This multi window browser is very easy to use as it uses the same engine of Internet Explorer. It uses a very low memory and independent processes for each window. Therefore, one of your pages will be able to freeze all the other pages of your browser.

Features of Avant

  • Easy to use
  • Highly compatible for any webpage
  • Extremely fast

Avant Browser can be downloaded from the website of Avant. It is only 3.69MB in size and supports Windows 2000 and above. Try Avant Browser Free

Ease of use
Resources used
Summary 4.6/5
Download Avant Browser: Browse with Extreme Speed, Functionality and Compatibility


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