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Codrut Nistor February 17, 2011 0

In this world, a lot of couples try to avoid pregnancy, while others would kill to have a baby. Fortunately, there are better solutions than killing for such a purpose – it’s enough to do what’s usually required to get pregnant, combined with the use of a program like the one we have here today – Advanced Woman Calendar, just to get as far from “maybe” as possible. Even more, you can also increase the chances of having a boy or a girl, as you wish – it’s not rocket science, it’s statistics and (more than just) a bit of medicine, all put together in a program for the Windows platform! ;)


Advanced Woman Calendar 3.2, released earlier this week, is a program that works with Windows 7, as well as older versions of Microsoft’s flagship product. I am sure nobody will try to run it on Windows 3.11, so we can say that it works on all popular Windows versions currently installed by home users who may be interested in the features offered by this program. Advanced Woman Calendar 3.2 has no special requirements, just a decent computer and a few megs of free space, but before we jump to the next part, we should say a few things about its limitations…

… since what I have here is a trial version that only shows prognoses for 2 months, the gender prediction feature is not available, a nag screen shows up when you start the program and, if all these aren’t enough to make you buy the program or stop using it in a matter of minutes, there’s also a 30-day limit on the use of this unregistered version. Well, I guess $29.95 isn’t that much, after all – just think how much would pay some couples to be almost sure they’ll have a boy/a girl, not just “hope” that the gender of their kids will match their wishes…

Advanced Woman Calendar 3.2 comes inside a 2.1 MB setup package and I must confess that this part is almost perfect – the installer is available in multiple languages, there’s no trace of evil code inside it and, best of all, it only takes a few clicks to get the job done. Excellent!


While I think that such programs are all about the features, I also believe they should have a decent interface. Unfortunately, Advanced Woman Calendar 3.2 may offer good multilanguage support, but all its three skins are horrible, if you ask me, while the documentation should have been updated properly, not left with parts unchanged since 2007 or even earlier – there’s no mention of Vista or 7 in the System Requirements section, for example. After all, this is a program that’s going to be used by adults, no kids, so I really don’t understand why they chose to go with these themes… but I am sure this program can get its job done anyway, no matter if it’s green or black and white, so let’s move on and see what’s inside the pink-green-teddy bear-powered package, shall we?


While I’ll be pretty quick with this part, I have to tell you that I used a similar program and we managed to avoid pregnancy for years, while we also were able to conceive “on first shot,” if I can put it this way. Compared to that one, Advanced Woman Calendar has a bunch of additional features, as well as more refined ones that allow you to track more than just a few things…

… for example, Advanced Woman Calendar includes password protection for several user profiles, rectal temperature analysis, a notes tool for daily updates, printing support, a bunch of reminders, even a really interesting, yet not so well done, “ovulation calendar to desktop wallpaper” capability. If you ever used a pen and a calendar to track your menstrual cycle (or your partner’s, if you’re a man), now you can forget about that ancient approach to contraception or, why not, just “conception,” since this isn’t a program to help you avoid pregnancy – it’s a program to help you plan your life properly and with minimum stress and costs.

In case you’re a young man and have no idea about “the calendar method,” there’s no need to worry – the official website of this product and its documentation contain enough data to enlighten you and avoid becoming a father before you decide the time has come for that. After all, only those with dust instead of a brain inside their heads can think that everything that’s related to contraception is a women’s thing. Obviously, I am not getting into the “condoms vs pills vs calendar” debate here – we should be talking about software, right?

Well, I guess there’s nothing easier than adding some data and play with the program, see how it behaves and the amount of information it can provide. I did that and, compared to the other ovulation calendar software we’re been using in the last few years that I (did not, actually) mentioned, Advanced Woman Calendar is much better. Hey, it even has a horoscope and a Chinese Lunar Calendar built in! ;)

Tips & Tricks

1. If you want to avoid pregnancy, best bet is to use the pill or condoms. Sure, using the calendar method properly can work great, but don’t expect 99.9% safety…

2. No, there’s no way to drop the themes and just go with the default looks of your Windows version, sorry for that… :(

3. In case you were wondering, this program’s 30-day money back guarantee only gives you back the money spent on its purchase, not what you’ll have to spend to raise a kid resulted from its misuse… if I can put it this way. ;)


Advanced Woman Calendar is easy to use, has more features than it needs, yet the extra stuff is not useless at all, comes for a good price and works with all popular Windows operating systems, including 7.


The themes coming with the program are, in my opinion, really bad. When choosing to enable the desktop calendar, a lot of strange things happened to my wallpaper, for example its replacement with an older one I used ages ago. Oh, yeah, should I say again that the documentation needs a lot of updates and the trial version seems to have a few limitations too many?

Final Thoughts

Advanced Woman Calendar 3.2 is a great product, especially considering the fact that it’s probably the best ovulation calendar I have even seen – but since it’s only the second or, maybe, third… you shouldn’t take my word for granted – grab the trial version and take it for a spin, it won’t bite! In my case, its usefulness and amount of features/price ratio made me award it our badge, despite its not-so-minor drawbacks… so I guess that’s all for today but, now more than ever, I have to add one thing: stay safe!

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