ACleaner: Free System Maintenance Utility

Ishayat March 10, 2012 0

ACleaner is a free system maintenance utility that helps you to clean all the common computing and internet usage tracks. You can erase your typed URLs, visited websites, cache and cookies using this freeware. Let’s see if this freeware can help us to protect our privacy or not.

Internet activities can be easily tracked using the history, caches and cookies stored by our internet browsers. Most of the third party software stores information in this way. As there are lots of identity theft cases out there, it is important that we clean all these files completely. That’s where this free internet tracks eraser comes in. You can easily all the internet usage and computing information that can be used for tracing you. This freeware supports removing tracks from more than 100 popular software. You can also overwrite your delete data again and again to make sure they don’t get recovered.

The user-interface of this free system cleaning utility is really simple and easy-to-use. Just move the cursor over a menu and you will what this menu is about. If there is a registry action you want to undo, there is a Restore button for that too. You can also schedule a system cleanup to keep your PC secured. Overall, it’s a great, simple, free registry cleaning software for cleaning your PC and to keep your PC protected.

Features of ACleaner:

  • Remove computing and internet usage tracks
  • Supports removing tracks from more than 100 popular apps
  • Overwrite deleted data multiple times
  • Schedule automatic erasing

ACleaner is available for download at Cleanersoft’s official website. It’s only 1.15MB in size and supports Windows 95 or higher. Try ACleaner Free

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Summary 5.0/5
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