Simple Alarm Clock: Free Alarm Software

Ishayat January 28, 2012 0

Simple Alarm Clock is a free alarm software that works just like its name suggests. You can set multiple alarms for a specific day or for the entire week. Let’s see if this free clock software is worth trying or not.

There are plenty of free alarm software and clock software out there that will let you set alarms for a day or for the entire week. But, if you want a simple one for your PC where you don’t have to go through any complex process for just setting an alarm, Simple Alarm Clock is just what you are looking for. It’s not the best alarm or clock software you can expect to find out there but it’s one of the best one out there if simplicity is the only thing that matters to you the most.

The user interface of this free alarm software is pretty straight forward. You just have to select your day and week from a drop down menu. Once you are done selecting, you can enable them individually if you want. You can choose your own audio file as alarm or hear the default alarm sound that comes with this freeware. You can also customize snooze delay if you want. But that’s all this free clock software has to offer. You won’t find a help file included with this freeware but it’s not really necessary.

Features of Simple Alarm Clock:

  • Set alarm for a day or for an entire week
  • Set your preferred audio file as alarm
  • Simple, easy-to-use

Simple Alarm Clock is available for download at Initek’s official website. It’s only 840KB in size and supports Windows 98 or higher. Try Simple Alarm Clock Free

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Summary 4.8/5
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