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Birds Screensaver 2.13

Freeware Oct 13, 2012 download

World is beauty. Birds have added to its beauty more. There are different types of birds in the world.

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Jolly Birds ScreenSaver 2.0

Freeware Aug 14, 2007 download

Jolly Birds screen saver brings you 69 beautiful birds flying in the sky, walking on the ground, sitting on the trees and swimming in the water.

Downloads total: 274 last week: 0

Magic of Morning 1.1

Freeware Aug 29, 2006 download

Magic of Morning is a screensaver that brings morning tenderness, forest filled with gentle sunlight, beautiful singing of birds to your desktop.

Downloads total: 801 last week: 0

Green Land 1.1

Freeware Apr 21, 2008 download

Green Land is a new free 3D animal and nature screensaver by Sunny day, the grass is green, the flowers are in bloom, the flies are buzzing, the birds are singing, the horses are grazing, the butterflies are fluttering - nothing breaks this happy harmony cozy atmosphere.

Downloads total: 514 last week: 0

Free Living Forest Waterfall 1.0

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

Relax in front of your computer and watch this amazing waterfall inside a forest. This sceensaver displays realistic animation of waterfall with calming sounds and nice singing birds in background.

Downloads total: 750 last week: 0

Free Living Waterfall 1.0

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

Relax in front of your computer and watch this amazing waterfall inside a green scenery. This sceensaver displays realistic animation of waterfall with calming sounds and nice singing birds in background.

Downloads total: 861 last week: 0

Snapshot Adventures: Secret of Bird Isla 1.0

Freeware Apr 06, 2010 download

Photograph birds in this cross-country adventure! Armed with nothing but a standard 35mm camera and a field guide, you must capture portraits of bird...

Downloads total: 430 last week: 1

Origin and History of Singing Bowls 1.0

Sep 09, 2008 download

Exploring the origin of the singing bowl and how they came to be introduced to cultures around Asia. Theories on their initial usage and, their early production methods are also discussed.

Downloads total: 345 last week: 0

Pestering Birds 2.0

Freeware Oct 18, 2007 download

Pestering Birds is an action-puzzle game that takes you on a wonderful adventure across the world of cute Birds.

Downloads total: 747 last week: 1

Living Mountain Waterfall 1.0

Freeware May 30, 2007 download

Watch the falling water and relax. Re-energize yourself as you watch the fresh currents of the stream flash by with birds singing in the background and realistic sound of falling water.

Downloads total: 2880 last week: 1

Birds Photo Screensaver 2.0

Freeware Aug 26, 2009 download

Photo Screen Savers bring you a new dimension in presenting pictures. While your computer is idle you will find yourself contemplating the most beautiful birds species in the world.

Downloads total: 953 last week: 1

Big Birds Screensaver 1.0

Shareware Mar 31, 2004 download

This screensaver shows beautiful images of big and beautiful birds. See: Eagle, Golden eagle, Albatross, Ostrich, Pelican, Swan, Bald eagle, Craine, Flamingo, Snowy egret, Egrets, Vulture.

Downloads total: 2598 last week: 0

Paradise Falls Screensaver 1.0

Freeware Jan 29, 2010 download

Paradise Falls is the most fascinating place on the Earth. You will find realistic waterfalls effects and animation, wide variety of butterflies and birds, crazy fish jumping off the sea, exotic birds and other animals! Dip into the nature with relaxing background sound effects.

Downloads total: 213 last week: 0

Birds 1.00

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

3 high quality bird photos (a longbill, a stork and a pheasant). When the screesaver is activated, the birds start to fly over your current screen, while the screen becomes 25% darker.

Downloads total: 315 last week: 1

Music MasterWorks 3.92

Shareware Sep 24, 2007 download

Music MasterWorks is a MIDI music composing program. Allows you to compose music just by singing into your PC microphone.

Downloads total: 586 last week: 2

365 North American Birds Screen Saver 2.1

Shareware Aug 14, 2005 download

Transform your PC into a pair of binoculars and observe some of AMERICA'S MOST BEAUTIFUL BIRDS. This screensaver presents over forty AMAZING COLORFUL PICTURES of the bald eagle, brown pelican, California condor, green-back heron, blue jay, double-crested cormorant and many other birds.

Downloads total: 2381 last week: 0

Birds Of War 2.6

Demo Aug 17, 2006 download

Demolish all the bricks while avoiding the flying Birds Eggs. Fifty graphical Levels with 10 different Bonuses to help you to succeed against those pesky Birds.

Downloads total: 2720 last week: 0

BirdWatch 1.0

Shareware Sep 24, 2007 download

This game pits you with a camera. Your goal is to take pictures of birds as they fly across the screen.

Downloads total: 398 last week: 0

ListeningSingingTeacher 1.82

Shareware Jan 06, 2016 download

Listening Singing Teacher helps you to sing in tune and in rhythm. The visual feedbacks for pitch, beat and loudness allow you to train your "mental ear" by aiming the pitch in your head and adjusting your voice to produce the correct pitch.

Downloads total: 110 last week: 1

Free Bird Picture Screensaver 1.0

Freeware Dec 04, 2007 download

Birds are very attractive to look at, they can be very serious and funny, but never phony. Just imagine that you can fly high in the sky with an eagle, wash your feet in quiet stream with a flamingo or look thru the hollow of a tree trunk with a hummingbird.

Downloads total: 748 last week: 0

Free Rainforests Screensaver 1.0

Freeware Aug 15, 2007 download

The most famous rainforest in the world is the Amazon rainforest. This Free Rainforests Screensaver invites you to take part in an adventurous tour in the jungle of Amazonia.

Downloads total: 212 last week: 0

ABC Drawing School II - Birds 1.11.0424

Freeware Sep 30, 2012 download

Learn to draw birds step by step! ABC Drawing School II is a simple to use software providing lessons for drawing birds.

Downloads total: 4209 last week: 0

3D Autumn Woods 1.0

Shareware Sep 11, 2006 download

Autumn Wood has falling leaves, birds, woodland creatures and butterflies. Deer, bunnies, a squirrel and large and small birds appear at random intervals to delight the viewer.

Downloads total: 926 last week: 1

Bird Hunting Shooter 1.00

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

Practice your archery skills against various birds of flight in this online target shooter. Play thi...

Downloads total: 533 last week: 0

Amerie Screensaver 1.00

Freeware Aug 15, 2007 download

Download screensaver with your favorite singer Amerie now to your desktop. Amerie's sweet and soulful singing voice has made her a major urban music star.

Downloads total: 298 last week: 0

Gorgeous Fall Foliage 3D Screensaver 1.0

Freeware Oct 16, 2005 download

Download the Free Gorgeous Fall Foliage 3D Screensaver and enjoy watching the beautiful leaves falling gently to the ground.

Downloads total: 1352 last week: 1

Clone Tools 2.02

Shareware Oct 06, 2012 download

Find and Delete Duplicate Files and Folders. Clone Tools is the first duplicate file finder that finds folders with shared or identical content.

Downloads total: 295 last week: 1

idolMusicStar Interactive Karaoke

Shareware Aug 07, 2006 download

idolMusicStar is a great fun software to watch for the whole family! Sing just for fun! IdolMusicStar games are based on karaoke singing who are able to sense the pitch of the singer's voice.

Downloads total: 2290 last week: 2

Australian Nature Photo Screensaver 2.0

Shareware Feb 08, 2007 download

Living Photo Screensavers bring you a new dimension in presenting pictures that prompt the imagination and recall exotic memories.

Downloads total: 1131 last week: 1