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SAPJuice 2009

Demo Feb 27, 2010 download

SAP is not a difficult application to learn. A range of SAP Live Training Videos to teach SAP to any newcomers step by step in the simplest way possible.

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Salt Apps for SAP 2.0

Demo Oct 06, 2012 download

Salt, a change intelligence software for SAP solutions, gives instant visibility into an organization's custom ABAP code and objects providing up to the minute views into any system.

Downloads total: 143 last week: 1

SAP Barcode DLL TBarCode/SAPwin 10.0.2

Demo Sep 27, 2013 download

PRINT ALL BARCODES WITH SAP The Barcode DLL TBarCode/SAPwin, prints barcodes in perfect quality with all SAP systems (SAP R/3, mySAP ERP, SAP ECC).

Downloads total: 232 last week: 2

Hovitaga Report Generator 1.0

Freeware Jan 03, 2012 download

Hovitaga Report Generator is an ABAP add-on that accelerates SAP reporting by significantly reducing development time.

Downloads total: 207 last week: 1

EPO Transmitter 5.1.8

Freeware Jun 05, 2013 download

Develop and test Web Services with this desktop application (Web Service Proxy). Import a WSDL and create a WSDL.

Downloads total: 114 last week: 1

Hovitaga OpenSQL Editor 1.0

Freeware Feb 05, 2012 download

Hovitaga OpenSQL Editor is a powerful tool that helps SAP consultants, ABAP developers and basis administrators to work with the database of an SAP system.

Downloads total: 178 last week: 1

ContactGrabber 2.3.1

Shareware Aug 08, 2006 download

ContactGrabber - Grab Contacts and Addresses into your addressbook with one click. Use ContactGrabber for saving leads & contacts with one mouseclick from e-mails, websites or other text documents.

Downloads total: 1290 last week: 1

CSI Data Translator

Freeware Dec 06, 2008 download

In no time the data is transferred to your PC where you can then analyze the data remotely. This application is freeware and can be downloaded from this website.

Downloads total: 199 last week: 2

XML Transmitter Office 2.1

Shareware Oct 02, 2012 download

This Microsoft Excel add-in allows sending spreadsheet data directly to any server. Configure your setting (destination, user, password, certificate, http headers,.

Downloads total: 423 last week: 1

XML Transmitter 1.9

Freeware Mar 07, 2008 download

The best tool for the web services. Upload any WSDL and automatically create an XML instance (request XML) for testing - works also for SAP Web Services! Request and response XML are displayed instantly.

Downloads total: 971 last week: 1

SimpleInvoicer for QuickBooks

Freeware Dec 09, 2009 download

SimpleInvoicer is a complete solution for electronic documents (Invoices, Orders, Bill of Landing) creation and exchange between business.

Downloads total: 130 last week: 1

QXchange 2.0.1

Shareware Sep 25, 2007 download

QXchange is a flexible, easy to use, data integration software. It can quickly and easily transfer data between many standard data formats and applications, including MS Access, Excel, Comma delimited flat file, MS SQL Server, My SQL, QuickBooks, Salesforce.

Downloads total: 322 last week: 1

ManageEngine Applications Manager 9

Freeware Sep 30, 2012 download

Applications Manager offers a single integrated console for monitoring applications, databases, systems, services, web applications, ERP, middleware, transactions, virtual resources, cloud services as well as custom applications.

Downloads total: 2031 last week: 2

eTaskMaker Project Planning Software

Demo Aug 20, 2013 download

eTaskMaker is a unique project estimating system that uses dynamic estimating modules to generate customized project data (task descriptions, durations, resource assignments and predecessor schedule logic) based upon answers to multiple choice and quantitative questions.

Downloads total: 1813 last week: 2

J4L FO Designer 1.6.3

Shareware Apr 19, 2014 download

XSL-FO Designer and editor for Apache FOP. Graphical design tool of templates for converting XML to PDF.

Downloads total: 247 last week: 1

J4L-BarCode, Java edition 2.1.4

Commercial Feb 14, 2014 download

Java component that support all major barcode types. It can be used as applet, in JSP, servlet, Webservice, in mobile devices (J2ME and Android), Jasper reports, Jasper Studio, PDF files (Apache FOP), XSL-FO, SAP PI, BPEL, Oracle APEX and more.

Downloads total: 323 last week: 1

eva/3 Universal Database Converter (UDC) 1.2

Freeware Sep 30, 2012 download

The Universal Database Converter transfers complete database data structures, data repositories, and indices from one database system to another.

Downloads total: 2948 last week: 1

Ariadne Reporting

Commercial Oct 15, 2009 download

In our today's business environment solutions saving time, human resources and thus money for corporations are of great importance.

Downloads total: 98 last week: 1

On-Tap PostScript Windows

Demo Sep 03, 2007 download

On-Tap PostScript for Windows lets you add bar codes to output from any application software that supports PostScript printers.

Downloads total: 317 last week: 4

Planingz 1.1.4

Freeware Oct 06, 2012 download

Planingz is a software for production planning, optimization and forecasting. It can be used as a stand-alone MRP program or a supplement to your ERP and MRP programs.

Downloads total: 412 last week: 1

WinProxy Secure Suite 6.0

Commercial Aug 10, 2007 download

WinProxy 6.0 Ultimate Internet Security Suite Provides a Complete Internet Security Solution with Anti-Spyware, Anti-Phishing, Antivirus, Antispam, Firewall, and Web Filtering in one easy to use software suite.

Downloads total: 2751 last week: 1

SoftPerfect Network Protocol Analyzer 2.9.1

Freeware Oct 20, 2014 download

SoftPerfect Network Protocol Analyzer is a free professional tool for analysing, debugging, maintaining and monitoring local networks and Internet connections.

Downloads total: 2186 last week: 1

Keyboard Software Wedge TWedge 3.0.0

Demo May 29, 2014 download

Automated data acquisition with TWedge - Keyboard Wedge, Software Wedge, Barcode Wedge TWedge extends arbitrary software systems or databases with real-time data acquisition services.

Downloads total: 218 last week: 2

SwisSQL - Data Migration Tool 6.0

Shareware Sep 30, 2012 download

SwisSQL offers a complete Data Migration Tool that helps the migration of database structures and data across leading databases such as Oracle, IBM DB2, MS-SQL Server, Sybase, SAP DB, PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Downloads total: 1659 last week: 2

SharePoint Business Data List Connector 5.1

Shareware May 31, 2014 download

The fast, easy and complete integration of external corporate data is a common requirement in the use of Microsoft SharePoint technology.

Downloads total: 113 last week: 2

CommView for WiFi 6.5

Shareware Apr 11, 2013 download

CommView for WiFi is a special edition of CommView designed for capturing and analyzing network packets on wireless 802.

Downloads total: 6555 last week: 5

CommView 6.5

Shareware Apr 11, 2013 download

CommView is a program for monitoring Internet and Local Area Network (LAN) activity capable of capturing and analyzing network packets.

Downloads total: 4231 last week: 1

Altova MapForce Enterprise Edition 2015

Demo Sep 20, 2014 download

Altova MapForce 2015 Enterprise Edition is a scalable data mapping, integration, and ETL tool. This award-winning application lets you visually map da...

Downloads total: 395 last week: 1

AFP Printer 1.12

Shareware Nov 25, 2014 download

AFP Printer offers an easy and less expensive way of creating high-quality, industrial-strength AFP files out of almost any Windows application.

Downloads total: 212 last week: 1