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RazorSQL 6.3.8

Shareware Jul 03, 2014 download

RazorSQL is a SQL database query tool, SQL editor, database browser, and administration tool with support for all major databases and built in connect...

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  • Platform: Windows
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LogicProtect 2.0

Demo Sep 24, 2007 download

As the world moves into new digital era, producing software, especially Internet software, becomes more and more profitable.

Downloads total: 179 last week: 0

Registration Creator ActiveX v4.0 4.00.0195

Shareware Dec 13, 2004 download

Registration Creator is our latest software licensing control. With few lines of code, you can protect your software with cutting-edge technology from hackers, crackers and the occasional friend-to-friend software sharing.

Downloads total: 1911 last week: 1

Code-Lock 2.35

Demo Sep 25, 2007 download

Are you losing sales to software pirates? Stop using your obsolete software protections. Code-Lock, an advanced, secure software protection system, will stop crackers in their tracks.

Downloads total: 395 last week: 2

Piracy Tracker 1.64

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

Free software code to track illegal registration and usage of your software. The purpose of this software is to give shareware developers an idea of how simple it is to implement a Tracking System to combat piracy of their software.

Downloads total: 206 last week: 1

Software-Promoter 3.3.08

Shareware Aug 24, 2007 download

Mainly, Software-Promoter does two things for you: it processes all incoming registration orders from your customers, maintains it, generates registration keys, send the registration letters and helps you to promote your software.

Downloads total: 330 last week: 1

Free horoscope script 2.0

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

Astrology is getting more and more popular, and it is not by chance that most large websites have pages devoted to horoscopes, since such pages attract a lot of visitors to the website.

Downloads total: 152 last week: 2

Colock 4.x

Shareware Sep 03, 2006 download

What is Colock? In short, Colock is a software based lock for making your software copy protected. By adding just one line of code to source code of your program, you will be able to use powerful copy protection system of Colock.

Downloads total: 1052 last week: 1

KFWhois 2.5

Shareware Sep 24, 2007 download

KF Whois makes it easy to look up and store domain registration details. It tracks changes to domain registrations and warns you when they are about to expire.

Downloads total: 149 last week: 1

BroadFast 1.9

Commercial Oct 07, 2011 download

Professional but easy to use mailing list manager for $17! Manage, import/export or transfer users...

Downloads total: 159 last week: 1

Code Summarizer 3.1

Shareware Dec 18, 2007 download

Code Summarizer is a Visual Studio package (Add-In) designed to ease code navigation and code browsing.

Downloads total: 362 last week: 1

Plaza Studio 1.3

Freeware Sep 05, 2006 download

Plaza Studio is a package with four handy programs for playing and converting the most audio files, photo editing, text editing and tweaking.

Downloads total: 907 last week: 0


Shareware Aug 23, 2007 download

PPC-PROTECT - the system of software protection for Windows CE (PocketPC) applications with ARM core, designed for quick implementation of application protection functions.

Downloads total: 279 last week: 1

All My Software 1.6

Shareware Mar 06, 2006 download

Do you ever lose any registration information for purchased software? Are your serial numbers, passwords etc.

Downloads total: 1247 last week: 0

HardKey License Manager 3.2

Shareware Sep 25, 2007 download

HardKey System is easy and powerfull license manager and work with short (15-25 chars) keys. Program based on strong asymetric (public keys) cryptography.

Downloads total: 573 last week: 1

ACProtect standard 1.20

Shareware Sep 25, 2007 download

ACProtect is an application that allows you to protect Windows executable files(PE files) against piracy.

Downloads total: 447 last week: 1

Registration Vault 2.15

Commercial Oct 06, 2012 download

Store information about Software packages, Website logons, and other Passwords in a secure encrypted Database.

Downloads total: 212 last week: 0

Logbook 1.7

Shareware Sep 25, 2007 download

===================================== Logbook für Windows 9x/ME Version 1.7 ===================================== Functions: ---------- Registration of working hours on PC including time of boot up, shut down, standby and user change.

Downloads total: 164 last week: 0

RegDllView 1.57

Freeware Jan 10, 2014 download

RegDllView is a small utility that displays the list of all registered dll/ocx/exe files (COM registration).

Downloads total: 70 last week: 0

EMCO OS License Modifier 2.7

Freeware Apr 19, 2013 download

Free OS License Modifier can assist you to update Windows registration information on one or multiple remote computers located in a local network.

Downloads total: 261 last week: 0

EXECryptor 2.3.7

Shareware Sep 25, 2007 download

EXECryptor is a software protection system for protect programs from reverse engineering, analysis, modifications and cracking.

Downloads total: 306 last week: 1

.NET Domain Who Is Component 1.1

Freeware Aug 19, 2008 download

The SfbDomainWhoIs component is a powerful component and easy to use implementation of the Who Is protocol for .

Downloads total: 70 last week: 1

Affiliate Creator 1.2.3

Shareware Sep 25, 2007 download

Affiliate Creator is a useful tool that enables shareware authors to build customized installers for affiliates quickly and easily.

Downloads total: 261 last week: 1

HiPro86 - THE BOT

Shareware Oct 28, 2008 download

HiPro86-THE BOT is a "set and forget" software solution with a high strike rate of 86% wins. The software places bets automatically into the horseracing markets in the UK.

Downloads total: 78 last week: 1

Automatic program installation 1.0

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

MultiSet is a solution to the problem of automatic program installation. MultiSet has been created to free you from routine work such as program installations.

Downloads total: 275 last week: 0

Who Is Component for .NET C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET 1.3

Shareware Mar 02, 2009 download

NetXtremeDomainWhoIs component is a powerful component and easy to use implementation of the Who Is protocol for .

Downloads total: 82 last week: 1

1Great Craps Game 1.36

Shareware Aug 20, 2007 download

Play craps with computer generated characters. Money manager built in for optional use. Additional game rooms and are provided.

Downloads total: 383 last week: 1

GooPR 1.00

Freeware Aug 10, 2007 download

Put the web address into the field, press Enter, get Google result. As result you will get the Google pagerank value and web site position in Google directory.

Downloads total: 311 last week: 1

Code Weaver

Shareware Aug 27, 2007 download

Code Weaver is a fun and educational program that outputs text files as Morse code. It is supplied with a library of assorted sounds including Morse code at 20 to 100 wpm.

Downloads total: 231 last week: 1