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Advanced Intuit Password Recovery 2.03

Shareware Aug 20, 2014 download

Unlock Intuit Quicken, Quicken Lawyer and QuickBooks files in an instant. Advanced Intuit Password Recovery instantly recovers or resets passwords pro...

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  • Platform: Windows
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EZ Backup Quicken Basic 6.42

Shareware Dec 17, 2013 download

EZ Backup Quicken Basic makes it easy to backup your Quicken data files to any local, network or removable drive.

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EZ Backup Quicken Pro 6.42

Shareware Dec 17, 2013 download

EZ Backup Quicken Pro makes it easy to backup your Quicken data files to a local drive, network folder, CD/DVD and even to a remote FTP server! The application creates a self-restoring backup archive which includes a wizard interface that will guide you through restoring your data.

Downloads total: 206 last week: 1

EZ Backup Quicken Premium 6.42

Shareware Dec 17, 2013 download

EZ Backup Quicken Premium makes it easy to backup your Quicken data files to a local drive, network folder, CD/DVD and even to a remote FTP server! The scheduling feature can provide a completely automated backup solution and 128 bit encryption is available to secure the backup archive.

Downloads total: 187 last week: 0

Presto Transfer Quicken 3.42

Shareware Dec 17, 2013 download

Presto Transfer Quicken is an application designed to help automate the transferral of your Quicken data files from one computer to another.

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Quicken Password 11.0.8050

Demo Oct 06, 2012 download

Password recovery tool for Quicken (*.qdf) files. The new improved password recovery engine is optimized for multi core CPUs and allows to achieve the best possible performance.

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QuickBooks Check Virtual Printer

Shareware Jul 30, 2014 download

ezCheckPrinting QuickBooks Virtual Printer can print QuickBooks and Quicken checks on the blank stock easily and inexpensively in one step.

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Freeware Aug 26, 2014 download

Create a portfolio with this spreadsheet for Excel 97 or better. Enter your past and present stock holdings.

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QuickHelp 1.9.1741

Commercial Mar 07, 2005 download

Flexible Authoring Environment The modern generation for the production of html help an product documentation´s With QuickHelp you create your product documentation´s quick an easy.

Downloads total: 1483 last week: 1

Paraben's Decryption Collection 2.5

Demo Aug 31, 2006 download

Recover passwords for over 30 applications. This advanced password recovery suite recovers passwords for Office, Excel, Word, Windows XP/2000/NT, Acce...

Downloads total: 1607 last week: 0

HotPotato 5.0.0

Commercial Nov 20, 2006 download

Next Generation Point of Sale Software with Handheld Ordering Abilities, Instant Kitchen Alerts, Table Ready Alerts, Delivery Management, Waiting List, Timeclock, Customer Management, Inventory Management and more.

Downloads total: 2782 last week: 1

Shultc table 04 7.08.02

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

Wide eyes develop speed reading. Our eyes have their clearest vision in the central zone of view. Everything that lies outside this central zone is seen as a frog would see it.

Downloads total: 279 last week: 0

Finance Explorer 7.1.0

Freeware Feb 23, 2015 download

Personal finance software compatible with Microsoft Money and Quicken downloads so you can import your transactions from almost any bank (supports: OFX, QIF and OFC formats).

Downloads total: 452 last week: 0

Calendar 2000 4.9

Freeware Apr 29, 2013 download

Calendar 2000 is a small utility that will display a monthly calendar on the Windows desktop. The calendar is similar to the one found in most checkbooks.

Downloads total: 2543 last week: 2

Attic Manager 3.62

Shareware Aug 09, 2013 download

Attic Manager is software used to build and maintain database of your assets: * Keep track of all the stuff you have * Look up something when...

Downloads total: 278 last week: 2

AlauxSoft Accounts and Budget Free

Freeware May 21, 2014 download

Accounts and Budget Free enables you to manage your personal finances quickly and easily. It supports all the features required for home or even small-business accounting.

Downloads total: 3960 last week: 0

Monidir 2000 1.0

Freeware Sep 24, 2007 download

Monidir 2000 is a freeware tool that will monitor up to 20 different folders. Files that are deleted, changed or added to the folders are reported via e-mail or via an audible and visible alarm.

Downloads total: 219 last week: 1

GDS 2000 PRO 1.06

Shareware Aug 08, 2002 download

GDS 2000 PRO is incontestably the software you need to manage your service calls. It allows you to follow efficiently your service calls and keep the history of all the problems and solutions encountered.

Downloads total: 1705 last week: 0

MIRV 2000 28

Shareware Apr 12, 2013 download

Do you have computer tasks that you perform on a regular basis that require more than one program to be active on the desktop? If you do, then MIRV 2000 can help.

Downloads total: 1735 last week: 0

JPEG 2000 Compressor 1.0

Freeware Sep 24, 2007 download

Using JPEG 2000 Compressor you can easily convert pictures of JPEG and BMP format to JPEG 2000 format with the quality and color characteristics specified by you.

Downloads total: 2419 last week: 0

RRTrains 2000 2.8

Freeware Apr 14, 2013 download

RRTrains 2000 is a small program used to create a detailed inventory of your model railroad collection.

Downloads total: 3550 last week: 1

Wundergrad Online Business 1.01

Freeware Apr 25, 2011 download

WunderGrad Online Business is free Java-based software designed to quicken and ease the business functionality offered by www.

Downloads total: 191 last week: 0

MicroFTP 2000 2.6

Freeware May 23, 2013 download

MicroFTP 2000 is a free, easy-to-use FTP Client program that will allow you to quickly transfer files to and from any FTP web site.

Downloads total: 293 last week: 0

Random Event Sounds XP 5.0

Shareware Aug 28, 2007 download

Random Event Sounds resides in the sys tray and will randomize the sounds associated with common system events like close program, minimize, maximize, start windows, etc.

Downloads total: 315 last week: 1

Payroll Mate 2011 2011

Demo Dec 15, 2010 download

Payroll Mate is easy to use, yet powerful software for payroll. This payroll software supports multiple companies with multiple employees.

Downloads total: 293 last week: 2

SQL 2000 Database Repair 5.5

Shareware Sep 04, 2013 download

Are you searching a perfect way to repair SQL 2000 database then you are in right place. Our firm is developed latest version of SQL 2000 database repair tool 5.

Downloads total: 210 last week: 0

RoloBase 2000 2.03

Shareware Sep 25, 2007 download

RoloBase 2000 is Applied Analytic Systems' popular Rolodex Contact Manager Database, which was originally developed for Windows 3.

Downloads total: 197 last week: 0

Supertime 2000 2.0

Shareware Jan 10, 2008 download

Supertime 2000 is a software to set up class timetables on a PC. It receives placement parameters and availability of classes and resources (including teachers, labs etc.

Downloads total: 444 last week: 0

Morph Man 2000 1.0

Shareware Sep 12, 2006 download

Morphman 2000 is the most powerful tool for morphing between pairs of pictures. It creates a sequence of intermediate frames that seamlessly transform one image to another and generates output in a form of movie or image file sequence.

Downloads total: 1541 last week: 0